The best icons and wallpapers for Android: Now Buttons and Mountains

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     mountain live

    We return with our weekly ration icons and wallpapers. This week some icons inspired buttons and a live wallpaper again based on Google Now . Hope you like them.


     button icons

    icon pack that we bring you today is called Buttons , and adivinaréis sure why. This is a collection of icons that are not only circular, but the relief that has given its designer emulate buttons.

    The buttons are really nice, and there are icons inside are made tastefully and detail.

    buttons 2

    This package icons is available for launchers Apex, Nova, ADW, Action, Smart, and Aviate Holo. In addition to the hundreds of icons that includes weekly and receive updates, of course, includes their own wallpapers .

    A can download from the Play Store at a price of 1.12 €:

    Application Google Play

    Now Full

    Mountains Wallpapers

    “> Watch the video″> View


    As of last week, we bring you a series of wallpapers inspired Google Now to do together with the assistant Google .

    In this case consist of a screensaver Anime with parallax effects that will automatically change according to the time of day in which we find ourselves.

     mountain live

    In this case, only deal with the rocky mountains. This fund will be able to get screenshots on Play Store for a price of 1.21 €:

    Aplicación at Google Play

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    The best icons and wallpapers for Android: Now Buttons and Mountains
    June 7, 2014

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