The best scenes of the fifth season of ‘Game of Thrones’ (II)

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    Has the time come conclude our look at the best scenes of the fifth season of ‘Game of Thrones’ . The nine that appeared in yesterday’s article led us to the time when Tyrion and Daenerys are in person first and the nine that have below cover what happened in the series from that scene until the time when HBO said goodbye to us until 2016.

    Cersei mocks Margaery and is arrested

    I must confess that I enjoyed watching Cersei Margaery mocked, but the point is I did even more when divine justice also made Cersei was captured . Was something I saw coming, but the succession of both situations was unbeatable as much as Margaery quedase totally forgotten thereafter.

    Tyrion and Daenerys chatting

    The first meeting was already impressive, but this scene is the ultimate proof that ‘Game of Thrones’ may be a a level that very few series can reach for it using only two characters talking both on their personal situation as of the seven kingdoms.

    Attack of the White Walkers

    Shocking is the word that best describes the attack of the White the shelter of the wild hikers while Jon Snow was there, although brutal is not far too far. Of course, the best of everything left to the end to let us see how many casualties threatening wild rose through the power of a character that certainly will give us many great moments in her upcoming appearances.

    Stannis sacrifices Shireen

    The fifth season of ‘Game of Thrones’ had allowed us to see the human side of Stannis, thus muchoo converts to their cause, but it all blew up when he decided to follow the advice of Melisandre and sacrificed his own daughter-and very little soon pay the price for it -. This scene provoked bitter controversy about whether a character Stannis was really capable of that or if it was a huge blunder on the part of the writers. I was among the first.

    Daenerys Drogo rescue

    Other ambush of the sons of the harpy nearly kill Daenerys and its major allies, but the providential appearance of Drogon prevented the thing out of hand. As usual, the shocking arrival of the dragon and the later flight with Daenerys on it were the most commented on, but it also allows us to see reconciliation between Jorah and her and very good fight scenes.

    The bloody revenge Arya and the price of it

    He noted that Arya frames during the fifth season have not interested me too, but the culmination of avenging them much deserved Meryn Trant the penalty for sadism exhibited by the young daughter of Stark . Nor do I forget his subsequent punishment, but will have to see what I just everything related to your blindness …

    The ephemeral happiness Jaime and Myrcella

    ‘Game of Thrones’ is a cruel work that is always ready to sink into poverty, especially just after a moment of happiness. That’s what happens when Myrcella Jaime confesses he knows is his father and that he has no problem with it. The problem is that had previously been poisoned she did not have the same fate as my dear Bronn

    The Atonement of Cersei

    How many of you have come to hate with all your strength to Cersei? Sure you are not few that you respond positively, and despite this ‘Game of Thrones’ got us to feel sorrow and empathy to this peculiar way of atoning for the sin confessed before the Supreme Sparrow. In addition, Lena Headey perfectly conveys emotions through which passes the character and the only but the trick behind scene.

    The death of Jon

    The only complaint I have is that maybe the scene is too short for the impact of the murder of Jon Snow reach all its possibilities. However, it is also great season finale that reminds us that absolutely no one is safe and can even fall into the hands of those who seemed allies. In addition, the question of to what extent is dead at all, hence the presence in the Melisandre as the reappearance in this episode of the ¿zombie is always? Mountain.

    you agree with my 18 elected or believe I’ve had some unforgivable oblivion?

    Tele Go! | The best scenes of the fifth season of ‘Game of Thrones’ (I)

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    The best scenes of the fifth season of ‘Game of Thrones’ (II)
    June 18, 2015

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