‘The blues of Beale Street’: the director of ‘Moonlight’ is back with a beautiful melodrama that puts to the test our cynicism

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    'The blues of Beale Street': the director of 'Moonlight' is back with a beautiful melodrama that puts to the test our cynicism

    In a harrowing scene of ‘The blues of Beale Street’ (‘If Beale Street Could Talk’), the mother of the protagonist tries to calm her down with some sweet words: “Remember, love is what brought you here. And if so far you relied on the love, don’t get scared now. Trust until the end“. It is just a sample of the tone of this extraordinary film, warm and beautiful.

    But you chose that moment in particular because I believe that, in addition to reflecting the intentions of Barry Jenkins, may help to explain the coolness of many of the comments and reviews. Is delivered so openly to his conviction, romantic, with the minimum of cynicism on the part of the viewer, the discourse becomes absurd and ineffective. The girl is pregnant and her partner in jail; maybe rely on “love” is not presented as an option more lucky…

    Love in desperate times

    Each film creates its own reality, and under your code we should understand it. Far from claiming to a realistic portrait of a romantic relationship between two young people in love, ‘The blues of Beale Street’ is a pure and stylized melodrama that is meant to capture emotions and feelings. Where everything is intense, where passions are unleashed and there is no place for another reason than to get carried away by the bowels.

    If Beale Street Could Talk

    Jenkins wants to pass on hope to the world today. Calls for optimism, to be so naively optimistic as to accept that love can save us, or at least, give us strength to get through the toughest moments and gloomy. Love in all its forms, for this film is not only a romantic drama, it also speaks of the family and claimed its value when the affection, respect and understanding are the principles that govern it.

    it Is the third feature film by this filmmaker, who touched the peak with his previous work, ‘Moonlight’; not only winner of the Oscar for the best film, also a commercial success. Perhaps that triumph has also contributed to ‘The blues of Beale Street’ has gone more unnoticed of what was expected. Fortunately, he has returned to give that talk after his victory in the Independent Spirit Awards and Oscar to Regina King as best supporting actress (she is, by the way, who pronounces the dialogues quoted above).

    it Is striking how the two filmmakers, who conquered the 90th edition of the most prestigious awards in Hollywood have been somewhat slighted in the following year. Interestingly, ‘First Man’ only won the Oscar for best visual effects, a result scarce for the stimulating work of the responsible of ‘The Land’, which for the first time in its short but interesting career opted for a libretto others, to which he could contribute with their personal obsessions.

    ‘The blues of Beale Street’: more than a romantic drama with undertones reivincativo

    Four nominations added the movie from Damien Chazelle, and three of Jenkins, who unlike his compatriot, returns to direct a script of their own. However, as it did in ‘Moonlight’ (not in ‘Medicine for melancholy’) your narration is supported in the original vision of another author, with whom he identifies. On this occasion moved to the big screen a novel by James Baldwin, the protagonist of the recent and essential documentary ‘I Am Not Your Black’.

    So Jenkins, with the fundamental partnership with the director of photography James Laxton, composer, Nicholas Britell (author of a score ravin) and an inspired casting led by KiKi Layne, Stephan James, Regina King, Colman Domingo or Brian Tyree Henry (and almost cameos of Pedro Pascal and Dave Franco), is seeking to move to the screen which has the prose of Baldwin, in the most faithful possible, neglecting the rhythm or the adaptation of the dialogues, for me their biggest mistakes (although I understand its purpose).

    It is a film decompensated and imperfect, but of a beauty that is unquestionable, capable of capturing the magic that arises at the intersection of the gaze of two lovers, brilliant in the creation of moments of poetry. And although it is the representation of a tragedy, with its load of social protest and politics, what remains is a comforting feeling that, despite everything, we have each other. Is film that is worth the experience, to regale with calm, and that I personally appreciate very much.

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    ‘The blues of Beale Street’: the director of ‘Moonlight’ is back with a beautiful melodrama that puts to the test our cynicism
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    March 7, 2019

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