The camera of iPhone 8 might have scene selection “SmartCam” and Apple Pay Face ID

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    The camera of the iPhone 8 might have support for selection d scenes “SmartCam” as a code discovered in the software HomePod has been leaked. This code suggests that SmartCam could be used in the new camera app to capture smart the best photos when you make shots, specific as sunrises or fireworks.

    In that same code has also been discovered that it could also be used in the facial-recognition system to make payments with Apple Pay.

    The code referred to SmartCam indicates several types of scenes, including baby, stage bright, document, fireworks, foliage and more. Probably the software will search for objects that appear in those scenes and will select automatically the best settings for each shot. Apple already uses the system of recognition of objects in Photos to make searches and Memories.

    The code will also have discovered references with respect to the use of facial recognition to authenticate Apple Pay without the use of Touch ID. Both Bloomberg and KGI Securities had pointed out that the iPhone 8 would use the facial recognition thanks to its new design.


    The camera of iPhone 8 might have scene selection “SmartCam” and Apple Pay Face ID
    August 5, 2017

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