The canon digital raises between 7 and 10 times more than the harm caused by private copying in Spain

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    • it Is estimated that private copying causes harm of some 7.3 billion euros per year to the sector.
    • In contrast, the annual revenue of the canon will exceed 72 million euros.
    • Only 1.6% of spaniards held a private copy of music content rights.


    The fundraising total achieved by the Spanish Government for the canon digital —the rate that is charged to manufacturers for each device to compensate to the authors— is between seven and ten times greater than the economic damage that causes the private copy, that is estimated at 7.3 million euros per year, as is clear from a study prepared by the associations of producers of technological Digital Europe and Eurimag, and the advice Mazars.

    In the past 12 months, the economic damage caused in Spain by the private copy —that is to say, the copies of copyrighted content made by the users for private purposes— was 7.3 million euros, according to the study data. However, in accordance with the anticipated volume of device sales, the annual revenue in this concept will be the € 72 million, – a figure which will decline to 50 million if you take into account the possible exemptions of compensation on the part of the users business and the public Administration.

    The study was carried out through a survey among 3.000 Spanish between 14 and 80 years, asked about whether they had made copies for private use of contents protected with copyright, in particular music, audiovisual content, and books or magazines.

    by Separating the data obtained in the research, the impact of private copying in the last year has been 700 000 to music industry, of 3.9 million euros in the audiovisual sector, and more than 2.7 million in the publishing industry of books and magazines.

    Only 1.6% have private copies of music

    The study has been to shed light on what percentage of users have carried out some copy in the last year. The resulting data have shown that only 1.6% of spaniards held a private copy of music content rights, a total of 48 cases among 3,000 people. 1.4% of these copies took place in CD, while 0.6% were produced in DVD format.

    with regard to the audiovisual content, only 0.9% of the respondents confessed to having made copies of movies, series or documentaries, while copies of books or other publications assimilated amount to 2.3% of the participants.

    The data of users who made a copy amount if you take into account the recordings from the television or the radio. 4% of the total confessed to having recorded music of the television in the last year, and 0.9% did the same from the radio, while the 15.9% as recorded a movie or a television series.

    the study also asked users if they would have purchased the content have not had the possibility of copying. Only 0.69% acknowledged that it would have bought in the case of music, a percentage that drops to 0.55% in series and films and increases to 1.61% with the books.

    The authors of the survey have also appreciated “a decreasing trend the prejudice of the copy from the year 2012“, as stated by Jesus Rosales, director of Mazars, in the presentation of the study that has taken place this Friday in Madrid. This damage has gone from 18.8 million euros in 2012 to 7.3 million last year, according to the consultant.

    Members of the industry have expressed their disagreement with the current canon digital, implemented by the Government last July, and that raises money directly for each product sold. The Executive of Mariano Rajoy, lay down the law implemented by the PSOE in 2008, reculó after having established a system of direct aid to the authors on the part of the Administration, returning to a current system in which they pay 8 cents per disc sold, eur 1.10 per mobile phone and up to 5.25 euros for each printer.

    The low data private copy collected in the study of Digital Europe is explained by the concept of private copying in Spain. The requirements to be considered as such a private copy are three: that is done in the private sphere, which was derived from a lawful source (do not include the ‘peer to peer’) and which are not distributed or collective use, as explained by Javier Ramirez, vice president of HP, in the event.


    The canon digital raises between 7 and 10 times more than the harm caused by private copying in Spain
    September 22, 2017

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