The Cantabrian Liebana hosts the filming of a trilogy of films about Heidi

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    • The first film, ‘Heidi, Queen of the Mountains’, will be released in 2017.
    • The age of the protagonist rises to 13 or . 14 years
    • the grandfather will not be “as old” as the original, but “coolest”


    The village Pendes, in the Cantabrian region of Liebana, is the scene of the shooting of Heidi, queen of the mountains , the first film of a trilogy Anglo-Indian based on the character created by Swiss writer Johanna Spyri hit screens worldwide in Easter 2017.

    the three films, which will be shot in three or four years, partly recorded in Mogrovejo, where it has been built cottage grandfather of the protagonist and where started shooting the first part last March 31. The team, consisting of more than one hundred people, will remain six weeks working in Cantabria, until mid-May.

    As indicated Tuesday at a news conference producers Sheetal Talwar and Simon Wright, the history is not a literal adaptation of the book of 1,880, but “follows the main thread”, although with substantial modifications, such as the age of the protagonist, who up of “seven to eight” at 13-14 . In fact, “the idea” is that, in the movies, Heidi (actress Samantha Alison) pass “to be a girl to young woman,” a process that will take three or four years, a period in which the films will be shot, Wright explained.

    A modernized grandfather

    in line, has indicated that the films based on the book but offer something “different”. For example, the grandfather, played by Bill Nighy ( Pirates of the Caribbean Love Actually, Harry Potter ) will not be “as old” as the original but ” more cool , and the little goat will have a special role, although the dog ‘Fog’, which itself out in the Japanese cartoon that popularized the character at the beginning of the decade not appear the 70.

    Meanwhile, fellow producer Talwar has acknowledged shooting the trilogy in Cantabria “was not an easy decision” because had more than 20 countries concerned it , including Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and England, besides Spain itself, where competing towns of Asturias, Andalusia and the Pyrenees

    the film’s cast is completed by Olivia Miss Grant as Rotenmeyer; Perry Eagleton as Peter; Mimi Slinger as Clara; Mark Williams as Henry and Hugo; and Helen Baxendale as Seb. The director of the film is the Indian Bhavna Talwar


    The Cantabrian Liebana hosts the filming of a trilogy of films about Heidi
    April 5, 2016

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