The changelog of Android 4.3 on a Nexus 4

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    Jelly 01 list changes on a Nexus Android 4.3 4 According to the image that was leaked yesterday from the Nexus 4 with Android 4.3, got by a user on Craigslist , many have been those who have been tinkering with the leaked rom and Sam Tate made a list of all the changes seen in the new version of Android.

    The launch of Android 4.3 may appear perfectly for next week with the presence of Sundar Pichai, head of Android, the Google event.

    As the list below mostramosde Android 4.3 os, no major changes, but rather a continuation of the development Android 4.2.2 improving performance and tweaking certain key points of Google OS.

    Anyway, you can always expect a good surprise Google in the last moment. In previous leaks appeared a new camera application for this new version in some videos appeared well shown. Here the list of changes for the upcoming Android 4.3.

    List of changes

    • watch in the notification bar is hidden in the terminal lock screen when you have the clock widget, and Android 4.1
    • The camera icons broken only now because before I did the entire user interface, and not slow when taking a catch, as in Android 4.1

    • You can take pictures using the volume keys in the camera application
    • The Nexus has touch response improved greatly. Enter for example is a more pleasant task. The phone dialer has a T9 that can be activated, so when you type 366 will bring all contacts view called ” Dom “as in HTC Sense

    • Animations are definitely smoother, increasing quite the experience of use with the Android interface.
    • Google Keep is a system application.
    • New options for developers to optimize applications at 60FPS (frames per second)
    • Notification

    • hidden from history settings
    • Support Bluetooth low energy consumption, and ability to make songs metadata streaming over Bluetooth.
    • Possibly battery life improved a consumer 10% after 40 minutes with screen on (chrome, google+, reddit, etc), which had previously assumed about 20-30 minutes.
    • Possibly Corrections WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile data . Not experienced any type of behavior that requires restarting the terminal as sometimes happened with 4.2.
    • The numeric keypad has been added pauses / waits
    • The phone can scan for WiFi-based location even when you have turned off the WiFi.

    Next week we will doubt on all new benchmark to the new version of Android that may eventually be available from the hand of Sundar Pichai.

    More – Android 4.3 is filtered to the Google Nexus 4

    Source – Google+

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    The changelog of Android 4.3 on a Nexus 4
    July 19, 2013

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