The Chromecast original is left without major updates, but Google says that it will continue correcting errors

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    Chromecast original is left without major updates, but Google says that it will continue correcting errors

    six years Ago that Google launched one of its devices star: the Chromecast. His reception was positive, and with the passing of the years has been getting new versions, as the most recent Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra and the late (and still with official support) Chromecast Audio. Six years of life that will come to an end, because the Chromecast original, released in July of 2013, was left without major updates.

    Within each Chromecast is an operating system based on Chrome browser, such as Chrome, is updated with new features each time. In the support page of Google, as discovered in 9to5Google, reflected that the version of the firmware of the Chromecast original has fallen below that of their successors: 1.36.157768 in the Chromecast primeval and 1.40.156414 in the case of the following models.

    will Continue to receive security patches

    Chromecast 3 The Google Chromecast 3.

    The second number after the first dot (36 and 40) refers to the versions of Chrome on the work Chromecast. is 36 is Chrome 70 and 40 is Chrome 74, that is to say, there are four versions of difference. That means that the Chromecast original is not receiving the news of his older brothers, so that their cycle of major upgrades has come to an end.

    Before this, Google is pronounced and issued the following statement: “Chromecast recently celebrated its sixth birthday. We are delighted that some of our early users continue to enjoy the first generation device, and we keep bringing it up to date with bugs and security fixes“.

    even Though you do not receive new functions, if it will fix security flaws

    But the question to ask is does this mean that the users of a Chromecast original will not be able to continue using it? is Is it obsolete? From Xataka Android we have contacted Google for a definitive answer, and the company’s response has been the following:

    “We will continue to update Chromecast to continue to be safe and correct the errors that may have and users will be able to continue to use it until now“.

    So, even if you do not receive news, yes will continue to be updated with security patches to correct bugs. It is, in a certain way, the same thing happens with the Android phones when you receive two versions of the operating system. They no longer have functions, but continue to receive security patches periodic. An example is in the Galaxy S7 edge, a mobile 2016 that makes scant days you received the security patch August 2019.

    Chromecast 3 2 Chromecast third generation.

    check the firmware version of a Chromecast, just connect the mobile to the same WiFi network, open the app “Google Home”, select the device (in this case, the Chromecast), go to “Settings” and find the version. In the case of launching a upgrade, the upgrade process will run automatically.

    Currently, the two Chromecast that are traded are the Chromecast Ultra and the Chromecast third generation. The main difference between them is that the Ultra is capable of do streaming content in 4K resolution and HDR. Their prices are 39 euros for the basic model and $ 79 for the Chromecast Ultra.

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    The news The Chromecast original is left without major updates, but Google affirms that it will continue correcting errors was originally published in Xataka Android by Jose García Nieto .

    Xataka Android

    The Chromecast original is left without major updates, but Google says that it will continue correcting errors
    August 28, 2019

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