The crash of the Airbus A-400M in Seville in six key

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    The crash of the Airbus A-400M in Seville in six key

    We look at the key factors surrounding the crash of the Airbus A-400M in Seville.

    At approximately 13:00 on Saturday, May 9, 2015, an Airbus A-400M crashed near the San Pablo Airport in Seville. A new air disaster for Spanish country. Of course, the catastrophe, this time, was of smaller caliber than the previous: it was an Airbus A-400M, A military transport plane was being tested . Inside, just six crew checked that everything worked correctly in the plane-a figure that, despite being tragic, far from the one usually reported in commercial airplane accidents -.

    relevant reports have been rare; but now that have passed the first hours, we can make Related key with this incident Airbus A-400M.

    • A military aircraft assembled in Sevilla. The Airbus Military in Seville is one of the largest in the Spanish territory. In his aircraft like the A-400M, one of the military aircraft world’s most popular transportation they are assembled as it is the largest military propeller aircraft (four engines). The pieces come from different parts of the world -transportadas by planes known as “Beluga” – and are finally assembled in Seville. In this city the various pre-delivery tests are also done to end customers.

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    • The plane was being tested. It took off at 12:45 for its first flight test prior to delivery to the Turkish army ( who also he commissioned several units of the Airbus A-400M). Shortly after a series of failures in the plane (one of them, in the landing gear), so they decided to return to earth to examine the device.

    • hit a pylon. The plane began to descend when he was a few kilometers from the runway at San Pablo Airport in Seville. But despite the excellent weather and great visibility, this crashed into a pylons, causing the accident. It is suspected that the sharp decline of the aircraft (which caused the subsequent impact with the pylon) was caused by the failure reporting crew during the tests.

    • Six crew inside. Two pilots, a mechanic and three engineers. All of them Spanish. Four of them died on the spot as from the impact and subsequent fire. Two others are seriously injured and hospitalized in hospitals in Seville Virgen de la Macarena and Virgen del Rocio.

     Airbus A-400M - Airbus A-400M - Airbus A-400M - Airbus A-400M - Airbus A-400M

    • The A400M project is called into question by this accident . The project is supported by eight European countries, including France, Germany and Britain, who have paralyzed most of the operations of its Airbus A-400M momentarily. Until the fault that caused the decline of the aircraft is found, both countries keep their ground units to avoid potential disasters. This -together decision to various delays in the delivery of aircraft to various countries-obviously a lot of uncertainty around the Airbus A400M project, despite the company responsible (Airbus) and the principal Spanish authorities call calm.

    • Several commissions are investigating the accident. There are still many unknowns about this incident. It is the first recorded related to an Airbus A-400M, so various agencies and commissions are investigating what fault caused the descent of the aircraft and its subsequent impact with the pylon.


    The crash of the Airbus A-400M in Seville in six key
    May 10, 2015

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