The creator of ‘Venom’ defends the film: “the critics are wrong because they forget the age,”

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    The creator of 'Venom' defends the film:

    The relationship between the industry and the criticism has always been complicated. Some want to sell and others are looking to “educate”. The shock is inevitable. And while it seems to be necessary the figure of the expert, only used your opinions when you are interested in. But the publicity machine does its job, people are going to the cinema to have fun and, at the end, what say the critics just importing quite a bit.

    At least at the box office. That is what has happened, again, with ‘Venom’. The adaptation of the Marvel comic has become one of the great blockbusters of 2018; has been 854 million dollars, surpassing such titles as ‘Justice League’ (657M$ ) or ‘Deadpool’ (783M$ ), to cite just a few examples that clearly make the scale of his success. And has not liked the critics: 29% of approval in RottenTomatoes and 35/100 in Metacritic. What has happened?

    The creator of Venom has a striking theory about it.

    In a recent entrevista, the famous artist of comics and Todd McFarlane, credited as the creator of characters such as Venom or Spawn, offered your point of view on negative reviews has received the film led by Tom Hardy:

    “[‘Venom’] was mounted on a large roller coaster. Visually, everything coming toward you. I think that sometimes… critics get it wrong because they forget their age. Have 42 years old, and arrive with your attitude and say: ‘For this’. What if you had 15 or 16, and you were watching this movie? Love you… of course you would love to. This thing delivers everything that is expected of her. It was excellent, it was rogue, it has a large and business Venom, which was something I was looking for. That was my predisposition: I just wanted to see represented at the Venom that had been created 30 years ago.”

    What do you think? I think that Todd McFarlane (by the way, 57 years old) is not very successful to define the age of any critical that are not enjoyed with ‘Venom’, but I think that has some reason to the point that many forget about the target audience for the product you are evaluating. And as we said McFarlane, ‘Venom’ was for teenagers. Maybe there is the problem. So let’s take note of: if you don’t like the movie, is simply because they got to be in tune with your I of 14-15 years. Not because the movie is bad.

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    The news The creator of ‘Venom’ defends the film: “the critics are wrong because they forget the age,” was originally published in Espinof by Juan Luis Caviaro .


    The creator of ‘Venom’ defends the film: “the critics are wrong because they forget the age,”
    December 22, 2018

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