The creators of Spelunky announce UFO 50

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    50 games retro style in collaboration with several authors.

    Mossmouth, developer of Spelunky, has announced UFO 50.

    it Is a collection of 50 games retro-style for a player -all – and multiplayer -approximately a third with a co-operative or competitive, with a variety of genres and authors, including those of Spelunky, Downwell, Time Barons, Skorpulac and Madhouse.


    As explained, in general each game is smaller than one commercial 8-bit, but “are complete and not microjuegos or mini-games. To complete the whole collection could take more than 100 hours“.

    The games share a palette of 32 colors and other restrictions to make your look “more authentic.”

    Is planned for 2018 on a PC, and then come to other platforms not specified.

    The creators of Spelunky announce UFO 50

    The creators of Spelunky announce UFO 50
    August 7, 2017

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