‘The dark knight’: 17 fascinating trivia about the best Batman movie

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    The Dark Knight

    it Seems that it was yesterday —in fact, if I close my eyes I still see hysterical waiting for it to finish the trailer to start the movie in the cinema room—, but the reality is that they have already spent no less than ten years since estrenase that marvel titled ‘The dark knight’: the feature film described by many as ‘The godfather’ of the film superheroes.

    To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the that to server, is the best film shot ever on Batman —with the permission of ‘The Mask of the Phantom’ Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski—, we bring you this video in which we collect 17 trivia you may not know about the second film of Christopher Nolan focused on the good of Bruce Wayne.

    ¿Conocíais all the curiosities which we have mentioned in the video? Do you know of any other that I have called particular attention? Do not hesitate on these days in the comments section. I, for my part, I’m going to dust off the Blu-Ray of ‘The dark knight’ and bouncing between chest and back for the umpteenth time the small wonder that gave rise to the well of Nolan in an already distant 2008 and for the one that seems not to have passed the time.

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    ‘The dark knight’: 17 fascinating trivia about the best Batman movie
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    July 22, 2018

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