The demand for the problems with the Joy-With the Switch now also the model Lite

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    The demand has been updated by the law firm to contemplate a possible fault in the new model.

    The lawsuit against Nintendo for the analog sticks Nintendo Switch that are presented collectively in the united states has been updated to pick up in the text of the legal process the Nintendo console Switch Lite, that has just arrived the shops.

    The inclusion of this model, exclusively portable, seems to respond to a legal strategy to cover any course that may arise in the new model. Also, keep in mind that have appeared in the network some comments from users complaining of similar problems in the analog sticks Switch Lite.

    Be that as it may, the law firm Chimicles, Shwartz, Kriner & Donaldson-Smith, which represents the plaintiffs grouped in the U.S. and they are spread across 16 different states of the country has decided to include the new console in the demand.

    And is the controls of the current console from Nintendo have been characterized by a bug that seems to affect quite a few users: it is “stuck”, so that the console thinks that you are moving even when you are not using, making it difficult to play many titles. Is the problem that has been popularly known in forums in the anglo-saxon as Joy-With Drift.

    The demand for the problems with the Joy-With the Switch now also the model Lite
    September 30, 2019

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