The director of ‘Death Note’ confirms that Netflix wants sequels: just missing the response from the public

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One of the several weaknesses that have film production of Netflix is that has not yet been given the franchise to serve as a hook for people to try also to see the rest of their feature films. Surely you are hoping to solve that emptiness, and ‘Death Note’, today it has been released for all their customers, might be the beginning of this long-awaited saga always and when enough people see the first installment.

What is certain is that the criticism has not been precisely well to this adaptation, performed by Adam Wingard, but neither did in his time with ‘Iron Fist’ and then the series starring Finn Jones was a huge success. In this case, ‘Death Note’ has an end that lends itself to move forward without leaving everything completely open in case you do not get this sequel that his director had in mind from the first moment:


leave It open for a sequel. When I went initially to Netflix, I proposed that they were at least two movies, maybe three. Knowing that this was a story of origins, is definitely the design so that it would be closed. The sequels are never garantidas, you have to win. In a way, I love that at the end of this movie all the characters are damaged. It is an outcome very unconventional for a film based on a comic book and I like that.

There are many places to go and we know in general where to bring them. Let’s hope that the public responds to, and Netflix to do the sequel. They are definitely ready for it. Just need people to see.

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and, to Be fair, the end leaves you with a curiosity for what is going to happen next, what name will write L –Lakeith Stanfield– on that page torn from the book? will they still have effect your power once ripped? Because the comment of Ryuk –Willen Dafoe– encouraged me to think in a twisted revenge on your part: L by typing the name of the father of Light. Already made to deviate from the original work, so yes that would make me be interested in this possible sequel, although if you keep the same team…

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The own Wingard has also taken the opportunity to expand on certain changes in this adaptation, as the fact of having divided the Light –Nat Wolff– of the original manga in two characters, thus giving several of its characteristics to Mia –Margaret Qualley-. Pity that I develop so unfortunate, that there could have found his own voice, but at the time of the truth have not given the size of nothing. All in all, I suspect that is going to sweep in viewings and that we will come to see this second installment.

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The director of ‘Death Note’ confirms that Netflix wants sequels: just missing the response from the public
August 25, 2017