The director will work in Kingdom Hearts Ultimate Monster Hunter 4

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    You will design a special armor for the game.
    Capcom has announced a special collaboration with Tetsuya Nomura, Square Enix creative, it will benefit the game Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate . Tetsuya Nomura
    has designed an exclusive armor for the game , though so far have not given specific details of this collaboration, so do not know if will be standard the game alone or whether it will be part of a collection of content. Yes design is presented, and you can see it in the picture accompanying this news .
    Nomura began his career with Final Fantasy IV in 1991: He was a member of the test team game. Since then it has been progressing and gaining responsibilities in the company. He has been responsible for sagas as Hearts for Kingdom Hearts and character designer on titles like Final Fantasy XIII . Their next game will Kingdom Hearts III . Hearts III
     Kingdom Hearts director collaborate on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


    The director will work in Kingdom Hearts Ultimate Monster Hunter 4
    October 12, 2014

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