The dream of Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men

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  • The dream of Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men

    Before becoming a famous series of time with large audiences, Mad Men was the dream to be done in Matthew Weiner . This is his story.

    href=”” Mad Men , the series created by Matthew Weiner has touched the sky as a drama that has lasted until the seventh season airs at this time. The mythical atmosphere of the fifties and sixties invaded television (and other services) in 2007 to just be gaining audience and fans around the world.

    Mad Men has won fifteen Emmys and four Golden Globe

    The current advertising agencies ‘rose’ (further) their sophistication over the screen tremendous advertising campaigns conducted by an antihero of pants Easy and a handful of ambitious young people, especially in the midst of an age that loves movies and television, plus lots of personal dramas, obsolete technologies, political and social radicalization, as well as the portrait of a counterparty almost naive, trying to shake the jaws of consumerism that right now we lost.

    Many readings can give this -winning series , handsome actors and Layout. Behind all this wave of success, new male aesthetic, great prizes and audiences, is a story that was very interesting, the Matthew Weiner that only his love for writing and tremendous resilience kept him afloat for a long road traveled anonymous.

    ‘It was a dark time’

    Matthew Weiner explained in an article , he promised himself that to achieve success with their stories, tell your way, first steps and how it got that high. That thought long before even contemplating the possibility of encountering the success of Mad Men. Weiner studied at Wesleyan University in the College of Letters, but since before college bent by writing . While staying at Wesleyan had difficult experiences as several teachers they rejected his writing classes, even one who invited him to his house to read his thesis aloud, ‘he broke’ his poems and said that Matthew had no future as a writer.


    It was not the first rejection, and your pain, nor the last. Gates and doors were closing. Weiner says he spent at least three years in which he was at home working on his scripts, looking for an opportunity or who sell them, without success. His wife Linda, who is an architect, was responsible for the accounts of expenditure. Then, as happens when you need to hit bottom, things got worse , stood watching television, doing errands home and family said he felt ‘ the most useless person in the world ‘.

    Clerks, inspiration is everywhere

    In the post on the hints of Stephen King to write stressed that inspiration comes from anywhere and circumstance. For Weiner was the film Clerks, a comedy debut 1994 Kevin Smith, the director is also a screenwriter and supporting actor for his film. Then inspiration: Weiner wanted to make his own film . Note that drew on everything he could: his wife, his apartment, car, and even had trouble distribute, presentation at festivals and sell it at last had proposed something and had done .

    “I’ll show you!”

    The road was still complicated but began working in the middle. A friend invited him to work on the sitcom Fox, Party Girl, as part of the writers. Ensures that realized that he was very good at it , enjoyed and worked on the computer. This was opening the doors in other productions. During this period, devoted part of his time to write the script for Mad Men , even hired assistants and other writers to finish.

    Weiner still had many rejections ahead. Declares that went everywhere with the script in his briefcase and showed it to everyone who is left. received rejections from HBO, Showtime, Lionsgate, Sony, FX . Also showed the creator of one of the most cherished and beloved series since then, The Sopranos , David Chase, who hired him to work in his series because he loved the script of Mad Men. Weiner would be present in The Sopranos as a producer from the fifth season in 2004. His career took hold since the end won nominations and awards for chapters praised the series. Chase promised to hire that would support his series a reality .

    The AMC then

    Christina Hendricks and Matt Weiner

    Christina Hendricks and Matt Weiner

    For those years href=”” AMC has not given up as producer we know today. In modern times we refer to The Walking Dead , Breaking Bad … Mad Men. But when Matthew Weiner had signaled for his script , the news was bittersweet, first could realize his dream, on the other it was a producer ‘minor’, which even gave him somewhat of ‘shame’ that his script was to occur there.

    Of course, the great opportunities of life are misleading , when AMC was the ideal Weiner as producer gave creative open letter . Seldom this happens, in fact it is the factor that divides whole productions, occurs much more on giant television with huge budgets. So what seemed bittersweet was becoming very sweet for the committed writer , for the producer to the actors, who are archiconocidos today for the public to finally enjoyed all these years alongside Don Draper and Company


    The dream of Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men
    April 23, 2015

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