The E3 2019 opens the record to the media to attend the event

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    Sony will not be attending this year’s fair in Los Angeles.

    The preparations for the E3 2019 are ongoing, and the organization has announced the opening of records to the media. The event is being held from 11 to 13 June in Los Angeles.

    “E3 is the place in which you need to be in June for the latest games, technologies, and trends”, according to the Entertainment Software Association.

    In November, it was confirmed that Sony attend event, the largest annual event in the world of video games. After criticism of the decision, Shawn Layden, head of the video game of Sony in the U.S., dropped that the company was planning some kind of surprise with a “see you in the new year” -in reference to 2019-.

    Analysts as a Michael Pachter said that Sony had made a bad decision skipping the E3 2019: “I Think you have made a decision very bad. I think that someone has taken the determination not to spend money on that kind of events and you are wrong. I don’t know how much will be spent on the E3, and even though we are speaking of 15 million dollars, which is an expenditure made on advertising. So I think that we are idiots for to miss this show. They will end up coming back.”

    For its part, Microsoft claims that this will be “the greatest E3 in the history of the company. “I love this opportunity to connect with the fans and the industry”, said Phil Spencer in January. Nintendo also has confirmed their attendance.

    The E3 2019 opens the record to the media to attend the event

    The E3 2019 opens the record to the media to attend the event
    February 6, 2019

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