The Ecce Homo de Borja will result in a documentary, an opera, a story and much merchandising

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    • Professionals United States, Japan and the United Kingdom each prepare audiovisual projects focused on the famous Ecce Homo de Borja.
    • The actress Assumpta Serna roll, . with the production of a British chain, a documentary about the recent history of the city Zaragoza
    • This Christmas will go on sale products merchandising Ecce Homo: cups, plates shirts, a pad for mouse, USB memory …

     Ecce Homo Elías García Martínez

    The town of Zaragoza Borja will his famous Ecce Homo the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom thanks to several audiovisual projects . Furthermore, you are creating an interpretive center at the Sanctuary of Mercy visit the failed restoration created Borjana Cecilia Giménez on the original work of Elías García Martínez


    The mayor of Borja, Eduardo Arilla, stressed that the new administration of the session has been “the goal of promoting and revitalize the figure of Ecce Homo” and the original work of Elías García Martínez, painting the neighbor of this town, Cecilia Gimenez, shot to fame in August 2012 with his Falida restoration.

    Therefore, the council promotes a center interpretation with the aim of trying to attract more visitors to the town and now have the bonus that several foreign producers, US, Japan and the UK, have been interested in the Ecce Homo. “We are very pleased with the impact and continue with the determination that the Ecce Homo is an attraction for the country” and that tourists from these countries “take it as a reference to see it.”

    Thus, the city council is creating an interpretive center in the Shrine, which could be completed “in late February or March” to open its doors at Easter. They are working on their contents and assembly and this space “reflect these three years of work, the news that has come out and have a canvas for any visitor who wants to give his brushwork to an Ecce Homo virtual” , paintings that are preserved and displayed

    Also, this Christmas will go on sale multitude of products merchandising Ecce Homo. cups, plates shirts, polos, a pad for a computer mouse, USB memory with the image and a teddy bear wear a shirt of the work of Cecilia. They can be purchased at the Shrine of Mercy and now .

    The mayor of Borja stressed that in recent months “has been a surge in visits” the Sanctuary of Mercy and the year will end “over 20,000 visitors.” Arilla recalled that the first year “was very important” in visits and added that these three and a half years conclude with more than 151,000 tourists Borja arrived to see the Ecce Homo.

    “At the end of this we must get something positive” and that “whether we have more visitors than we could think of for years, it is important that whatever is collected is to a charitable foundation and maintain a nursing home. “

    Opera and television

    These initiatives have been released this Tuesday at 12.00, in the city of Borja, in a ceremony that was attended by representatives of the television channels in the US, Japan and UK, Cecilia Giménez and members of the municipal corporation.

    These project has been submitted comic opera by Andrew Flack in the United States, which is titled Behold the man ( Behold the man ) and is based on the story of the “restoration” of the Ecce Homo de Borja.

    The director has visited the municipality to reach an agreement with the City and self Cecilia Giménez for possible release in Borja in August 2016, coinciding with the fourth anniversary of the rise to fame of this image.

    The composition of the comic opera, in English, ended a few months ago, carrying out the Last July in public a dramatic reading of the second act in a chapel in Boulder. Now, the translation to Spanish opera is almost completed , which makes possible a world premiere at the Borjana town.

    It is the first time that Andrew Flack Borja visit, since in September 2013 I wanted to see with his own eyes the work and meet in person Cecilia Gimenez. That’s how he got the inspiration to compose the opera and strike up a friendship with the artist and his family.

    On the other hand, TV channel Japanese IVs tv (International Vision System), founded in November 1972, coming from East Asia to record images of the work and the municipality.

    Documentary and story

    The actress Assumpta Serna has also visited the town with your team to start shooting a documentary on the recent history of the city, Cecilia, the Ecce Homo and the effect it has had in recent years.

    It is produced for the chain Sky Arts in the UK and is the companion of the movie Fresh and having just completed fiction positive, fun and responsive based on the reality of the history of Ecce Homo in Borja.

    Finally, on Tuesday has also been released a new story who are making three borjanos this failed restoration. Illustrated in watercolor by artist Jorge Andía, written by Fernando Melero and translated by Laura Paul, this story “will try to market in the US and the Japanese channel is interested in the product,” so it could also lead to this country, he concluded Arilla.


    The Ecce Homo de Borja will result in a documentary, an opera, a story and much merchandising
    December 1, 2015

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