The emojis of Halloween come to WhatsApp

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    • new version of WhatsApp it offers emoticons of fear with the arrival of the night more terrifying of the year.
    • Between these emojis, are included the emoticon of zombie, the vampire and the mage.


    there Remain few days to Halloween, the night more terrifying of the year, and WhatsApp has wanted to be in the latest fashion offering icons with this theme for its users, more fans.

    WhatsApp, the app of instant messaging most used in the world, has been updated and its latest version, 2.17.397, will offer all those emoticons-of-fear needed to send to our contacts, this has been explained on the portal Computer Today.

    This app has updated its keyboard emojis for emoticons of Halloween. Between these emoticons could be found from a vampire to a zombie and the only requirement to be able to use them to be installed the most recent version application.

    In the case of the mobile Android, each manufacturer installs a different keyboard on your personalization layer. That’s what makes the emoticons that appear in the keypads of mobile phones of Samsung are different to the ones you can find in a Samsung, an LG or an HTC.

    But in WhatsApp it does not matter, as the application includes its own keyboard with emoticons. To deploy it, the only thing you have to do is click on the icon of the smiley face that appears to the left of the text field.

    once you have downloaded the latest version of WhatsApp, the emoticons of Halloween will appear mixed among the rest of the emojis, so to give them more quickly it will be necessary to go directly to the section in which appear the professions.

    There you will find all the icons of fear that have come with the new update to stay, which include a smiley zombie, one vampire and one mage.


    The emojis of Halloween come to WhatsApp
    October 28, 2017

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