The Firm, Legacy 2 and more: six Android games for free for a short time

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    Android Games free

    At the end of last week I brought a selection of no less than 119 offers Android applications and games, but the feast of the rebates not to and continue to arrive new titles that can be get for free for a limited time.

    This time our selection is going to be much more modest, but we wanted to bring you these games before completion of the respective offers, because we remember that these opportunities have expiration. Let us go.”

    Boom Land

    Boom Land reminds us vaguely to Angry Birds. The premise is the same: wrecking structures, but here you don’t just birds, but place bombs strategically so that there is nothing left on foot.

    Download Boom Land 1,19 €

    Mystery of Fortune 2

    This RPG is strategy is the eighth episode of the saga Fortune Chronicles and in it you will create your own army to conquer the 85 dungeons are spread in the different areas of the map. Once configured, your army will face various waves of monsters, if you have chosen well your training and skills you’ll reach the end.

    Download Mystery of Fortune 2 0,89 €

    Legacy 2 – The Ancient Curse

    If you will be the puzzles and the mystery, Legacy 2 is your game. The story begins when, looking for your missing brother, you tear through a strange portal in a pyramid. You’ll need to solve puzzles to further progress and, with luck, provide you with what you are looking for.

    Hammer Bees

    In Hammer with Bees you have to recover the honey that robs you of the bear to advance levels. The funny thing is the way to get it: shooting bees on the wall of his house. A very simple game but addictive.

    The Firm

    This curious to the couple that addictive game combines aesthetic 8-bit, with a game system that reminds us to Tinder. In The Firm you’re a stock broker to sell and buy stocks by swiping left or right but be careful because there is any movement and if you mess up the pile of papers will grow up to make you fired.

    Lil Big Invasion

    Lil Big Invasion you’re a firefly who must find and rescue a group of insects that have been lost in the caves. You’ll have to lead them towards the exit with your light, but flying depletes your energy so you have to go refreshing to not pierdam.

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    The Firm, Legacy 2 and more: six Android games for free for a short time
    January 2, 2018

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