The first Android console with Artificial Intelligence

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    We have always had a special fondness for humanizing machines: it all started when they started designing humanoid robots. Since then, we have seen many attempts to get closer to what we know as Artificial Intelligence .

    Another example is EmoSpark , the first console with Artificial Intelligence , which fits in the palm of your hand with 3.5 inch screen, which consists of a small cube that can recognize and react to our emotional state. Patrick Rosenthal, inventor, used facial recognition technology and content analysis engine to be able to recognize emotions, at least basic, in real time.

    To facilitate this process, EmoSpark includes a dedicated chip to emotion recognition, called Processing Unit Emotions (EPU). The user interaction with nature by voice or text allow EmoSpark build a graph Emotional Profile (EPG) only when combined with facial recognition gives the device a personality .

    So far everything is very interesting, but the question to ask is what do EmoSpark for us with these data . Artificial Intelligence This will be able to recommending songs, videos and other content such as YouTube and Facebook. As the EPG module evolves, it will be able to verbally respond to people who recognize, which makes the system empathy .

    In addition, developers will be available for a API EmoSpark that allow you to connect to the EPG, which will allow each developer play with this module to give new skills.

    As for the technical characteristics of the system, the EPU unit that is responsible for facial recognition and empathy logic, is a custom chip 20 MHz EmoSpark also has a 4-core CPU 1.8GHz with 2GB of RAM and WiFi and Bluetooth antenna. All this running Android 4.2 , which allows easy customization and integration EmoSpark for developers. You can see the other features below:

    Currently, EmoSpark is a crowdfunding project you can find Indiegogo . Still has 50 days to get the $ 100,000 they have set a goal of which now have almost 6,000 raised. Yet despite everything, defined as a Flexible campaign , so even without achieving the goal will deliver everything promised. If we invest $ 224, we have EmoSpark in its first version back in May of this year.

    A priori, this can be very interesting projects. But personally, I have my doubts among its features when we announce that brings Android 4.2 ICS ! when Android 4.2 is Jelly Beans, not Ice Cream Sandwich. Though it may be a transcription error no more. What is your impression?

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    The first Android console with Artificial Intelligence
    January 5, 2014

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