The first renders of the Xperia 20 anticipate the next mid-range Sony in 2019

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    The first renders of the Xperia 20 anticipate the next mid-range Sony in 2019

    Sony redesigned their phones in the boot of this 2019, when it was introduced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with two new proposals for its high-end and mid-range. Screens are featured with format 21:9 for the Xperia 1 and Xperia 10, that also people could instal new new nomenclature. is A digit for the leader of the catalog, two digits for the bottom step.

    should Not extrañaros that we have leaks of Sony as soon, as the japanese manufacturer can be considered the first responsible of that in the market has renewals at mid-season, and here we have the first renders of the Sony Xperia 20. Which would be the second generation since its redesign in the middle range of the company, and whose launch we can put in some time this 2019. Maybe at the IFA in August, maybe a little after.

    Glass, fingerprint reader relocated and how a single speaker?

    Xperia 20

    In the renders leaked of this Xperia 20, we can see that it maintains the design philosophy but introduces some changes. We can see in the images in the screen extra-long stays and even in the absence of knowing the inch diagonal, anticipate the 21:9 and the format CinemaWide of the constructor nippon. We assume that with FullHD resolution+, but there will be time to test it out.

    Among the changes we have, for example, that the fingerprint reader side and the power button on the phone seem to be fused together. In the Xperia 10, we had both in the song of the phone, but with separate buttons, something that would not happen in this Xperia 20 that would use the power button to place the fingerprint reader. Something which is not uncommon in the catalog of Sony, because as we saw to use such a system in previous generations.

    Xperia 20

    The other change, and apparently biggest, is that the phone, under the look of the renders, seems to have a body of glass, when the Xperia 10 is bet on the metal as the main material for frames and rear of the device. Perhaps this points to the placement of the wireless charging to your battery or is simply an aesthetic change, but it will be interesting to see how it affects this change to the touch, the weight and the price of the future Xperia 20.

    we can Also appreciate a single speaker at the bottom, when the Xperia 10 had a set of stereo speakers. Maybe let’s talk again in a couple while sharing the slot vents in the bottom frame. We’ll see if in the next few weeks we keep getting leaks of this Xperia 20, which would indicate that its release date would be closer than thought. whatIFA? Everything seems to point to yes, but there’s nothing official. yes, it all seems too abrupt for phones planned for the CES or MWC next year.

    Via | 9to5Google

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    The news The first renders of the Xperia 20 anticipate the next mid-range Sony in 2019 was originally published in Xataka Android by Samuel Fernandez .

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    The first renders of the Xperia 20 anticipate the next mid-range Sony in 2019
    May 15, 2019

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