The geometry of the planes of ‘Mr. Robot’, the image of the week

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    Geometrico Mr Robot 2

    a few days Ago, our colleagues of Magnet collected several flat iconic in the history of cinema according to its geometric composition. The person who found them called the Raymond Thi and has a website, Geometric Shots, which brings together drawings of movies and series that is very clear geometry followed at the time of them.

    The web classifies them according to whether they use a geometry of halves, thirds, vanishing points, or circular structures, and between the series that stand out for this geometry of your images is ‘Mr. Robot‘. Their planes are always looking for show the alienation of their characters.

    Geometrico Mr Robot 3

    in Addition to ‘Mr. Robot’, the website of Raymond Thi includes other series with planes perfectly geometric, and help us to see otherwise.

    Geometrico Black Mirror

    An episode from the third season of ‘Black Mirror’.

    Geometrico Hannibal

    The sessions between Lecter and Will Graham in ‘Hannibal’.

    Geometrico Penny Dreadful

    The séance of ‘Penny Dreadful’.

    Geometrico Westworld

    Another composition circular, this time in ‘Westworld’.

    Geometrico Sherlock

    ‘Sherlock’ and the point of view of Holmes.

    Geometrico Game Of Thrones

    Two halves perfectly circumscribed in ‘Game of thrones’.

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    The news The geometry of the planes of ‘Mr. Robot’, the image of the week was originally published in Go Tele by Marina Such .

    Go Tele

    The geometry of the planes of ‘Mr. Robot’, the image of the week
    January 28, 2017

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