The Google Pixel would extend its support in updates thanks to Project Treble

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as much as we might like Android, we cannot deny that there is a defect quite serious, fragmentation, which makes today just a 7% of devices Android have a Nougat, installed, after it was presented a little less than a year. There are few measures that has attempted to take Google to end fragmentation, but until now none has proven to be very effective.

The next attempt of the of Mountain View to reduce, where possible, the fragmentation is called Project Treble, that aims to diminish the work that has to be a manufacturer at the time of distributing the version of the latest Android with its customization. However, and against all odds, Project Teble would the Google Pixel alongside its update to Android O.

Project Treble will reach the Google Pixel in the received update to Android, although this feature will be ready for devices that come with this version of Android factory.

And we say against all odds because Project Treble is ready to reach smartphones shipped with Android Or, but in this case Google would release for the Pixel. This measure could mean (although best not to put your hand in the fire) that the terminals most recent Google would have support for a longer time.

in summary, project Treble aims to eliminate the step of having to adapt the drivers for the chipsets to the new version of Android, so that the manufacturers save a lot of time and the users would receive the coveted updates sooner and with fewer problems.

To know if this project is really effective, will have to wait, first, out of several devices (apart from the Pixel 2) with Android Or the factory, and then the time comes that they have to make a major upgrade. the do you Think that this will be the right way to end the fragmentation, or will be forgotten?

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Xataka Android | Google attacks the fragmentation of Android with the Project Treble

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The Google Pixel would extend its support in updates thanks to Project Treble
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