‘The great madness’ loses the freshness of ‘Bad mothers’ and ends getting tired

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    The Great Madness

    Each time we do more films that are born with the idea of having one or several sequels. Then some do not have the success necessary to do so, causing a special disappointment in those viewers who enjoyed them. On the opposite side there are certain titles that nobody had to end up wiping at the box office and led to the rapid commissioning of a second delivery to take advantage of this unexpected popularity.

    I’m Not going to say that in these recent cases always end up finding ourselves with a sequel to be unsatisfactory, but that is something too common, especially when it comes to a comedy. I’m very much afraid that that is exactly what has happened in the case of the franchise Bad mothers, as the ‘The great madness’ (‘Bad Moms Christmas’) it is more conventional, don’t know how to be irreverent and just tired long before you reach your final.

    More is less

    Bad Mothers Two

    The great attraction of ‘The great madness’ is the emergence of the mothers of the trio protagonist of ‘Bad mothers’. It is fair to recognize that most of the few moments of fun of the function are reserved for the characters played by Susan Sarandon, Christine Baranski and Cheryl Hines, in part by the ingenuity occasional of the libretto signed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, also directors of the film, but above all by the capacity of them so that those moments are more funny than they are on paper.

    The issue is that ‘The great madness’ is built on the idea of more is better, leading to the characters of Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn to a backward step with regard to ‘Bad mothers’ to simply justify another story -until they themselves mentioned two times they have gone back-. That will add the christmas touch and believe that it is sufficient to re-conquer a public eager to return to them. And cost-effective it has been, but has gone missing that enthusiasm that himself accompanied the first.

    Another collateral damage of the presence of six mothers is that all the other characters have just completely blurred, both those that have already appeared in the first installment as the newcomers. They’re just there to make up the numbers, be the subject of any joke recurring of dubious grace, or to at any given time may be necessary for the story to go to some party.

    ‘The great madness’ does nothing especially well

    Scene Mothers Two

    however, what is really annoying is that it reduces his irreverent touch and on top of Moore and Luke does not know how to approach it, Can be completely out of place -that scene with Santa Claus is absolute nonsense-, limited to jokes that are not effective on penalties and vaginas -there at least Hahn manages to take it forward with a little sparkle – or just end up going back on ideas already treated better in the first delivery.

    was that all it was foreseeable, that the proceedings nor they were nothing of the other world -are based on the chemistry between the actresses, as was the case in the first – and that the directors be limited to put the camera down and not disturb the public, but ‘Bad mothers’ had something of refreshing that he compensated for his limitations, while here predominates rancid -concealed but stale-, only out of it on the spot shock comedians that do work. The rest of the time it is becoming each time a little more weary to the point that you almost glad to appear the credit titles end.

    all in all, in the end what is important is the times you find you’re laughing. In my case I’m not going to get that there were several, but were almost always ideas that ended up stretching out too -Hines lying to his daughter about being sick – or that then led to others that were not working. And that is the other great problem of ‘The great madness’: you don’t have bad ideas, and his starting point gives a lot of themselves, but then it is lazy and repetitive. So no.

    In short, the ‘The great madness’ is a loose film with which at least you can laugh once, something that the away of be a waste of time. beyond that, the six protagonists meet but do not have in their hands a material that really allows to shine, to blame on the whole of a script that called for screams have been done with more calm to find the balance that I needed. Unfortunately, the prevailing the release it as soon as possible.

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    ‘The great madness’ loses the freshness of ‘Bad mothers’ and ends getting tired
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    December 7, 2017

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