The history of Cleto Reyes gloves

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    The history of Cleto gloves Reyes

    Cleto Reyes gloves are the big winners in the ring and have a story behind a long family tradition and handmade clothing.

    For lovers of the box, in which I include the name Cleto Reyes means more than just a brand, but tradition , of those many that is in the box that border on superstition and ritual that great fighters have adopted for their fights. Something like a kind of good luck charm.

    Of course, everything is not belief, Cleto Reyes gloves have remained for years as the best professional level many champions say best . And in the 70 years that has this family business running, something that has not changed is making products using traditional methods , in addition to improving their material to ensure without compromising a good shot, as possible, the physical boxers

     Don Cleto Reyes in his workshop

    Don Cleto Reyes in his workshop

    The patriarch of the now Industry Reyes SA de CV Don Cletro Reyes Castro had very humble beginnings. Born in 1920 in Mexico City and because of their situation had to work from 12 years in a workshop saddlery . Se says his passion for boxing was born because his primary was in front of the Arena Peralvillo Cozumel, and later participated in an amateur fight in which he was well as the audience threw coins up yet was enough for not wanting to get into the ring after it.

    After this experience, his knowledge of saddlery and his fondness for boxing, he was taken to repair gloves to Later manufacture them and improve their material, something that cost at least 6 years of testing , medical advice, boxers and coaches.


    This year Cleto Reyes to reach the championships and never leave them. In the famous title defense contention lightweight Juan Zurita (‘the idol, as named Vicente Leñero ‘) against Ike Williams , both athletes wore gloves made by Reyes.

    Later, in 1965, Norman would Drakud the representative of the brand in Los Angeles and internationalization no longer would stop not currently Cleto Reyes equipment is used throughout the five continents . For the 70’s Alberto Reyes , Cleto son joins the management of the family company and made significant changes in the processes and in its constitution as a formal company. It is in 1975 that records the name of Cleto Reyes brand .


    At present there are several recognized and favorite brands among professional boxers, Grant or Everlast , but certainly, the team Cleto Reyes has an unbeatable location in the boxing tradition. Champions such as Muhammad Ali, Julio Cesar Chavez, Sugar Rey Leonard, Mike Tyson, Oscar de la Hoya used. It is known the case of Ali, who for rematch with Leon Spinks he demanded to use a Cleto Reyes despite having a contract with Everlast. They covered the brand, but during the war the tape came off and so everyone could see that the boxer used the Mexican brand . It is also noteworthy that the consent of the fictional boxer Rocky Balboa used them in his epic fights.


    It is known that Manny Pacquiao Cleto Reyes gloves used since 2006 in the second (major) quarrel with ‘Terrible’ Morales, for and never quit. It is common to see him home team Mexico. Alberto Reyes explains that not make special models to the famous Filipino boxer, which he uses is what everyone can acquire. Recently in the so-called ‘pelea century ‘ Pacquiao vs Mayweather was mentioned that Manny because he used Cleto Reyes, before becoming one of the best pound for pound, admired Julio Cesar Chavez who used this brand.

    So with 70 years producing gloves at its plants in Ecatepec and Toluca in the State of Mexico, are made 25 thousand pairs per year has with a staff that is 100 people. Currently it has an extensive catalog href=”” products, from bags box, equipment for training, until fajillas belts. Alberto Reyes says he has been offered manufactured in Asia but he preferred to keep the preparation in their plants. Cleto Reyes certainly has a great history and tradition in the box internationally.

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