The HP Elite X3 using Windows 10 instead of Android “for security reasons”

Hp Elite X3

If there is something that you can brag about Android is you have a huge number of manufacturers that, in fact, will continue to grow in 2017, thanks to the addition of Nokia. Such is the range of possibilities for the user to choose a model, which with time has become the mobile operating system most used all around the world.

But this year, even if remotely, might have had with another manufacturer, HP, which has offered the Elite X3, a phablet with all the trimmings of high end to the us-based manufacturer announced at the time as a 3 in 1 to be able to be both a smartphone as a tablet, a laptop (with its Lapdock) and a full PC.

as A reminder, this phablet has a screen QHD 5,96-inch, Snapdragon 820, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB of expandable storage, 4.150 mAh battery, finger sensor, iris scanner, water-resistance and a lot of love to give to get to have this terminal in their hands. In terms of operating system, as you will guess, it is Windows 10 Mobile.

The main reason why the Elite X3 does not use the Android are the security gaps, but there is more

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For many years, a lot of people have criticised Android for being insecure, it is very easy to enter virus, and other arguments that, basically, try to put fear to who you want to be with a Android smartphone. Many times these criticisms are from people who has seen that same comment on other sites, or they have been told his uncle the of the people.

The nature of Android, along with its enormous popularity, has become this operating system is the target of many attacks, more than in any other mobile operating system (already exist or not), but that doesn’t mean it’s a strainer of malware, because, in fact, a good part of the cases has not had an effect as devastating as the attackers intended.

HP, fearing for the possible security breaches are not resolved that may exist in the present and in the future, decidió rule out Android as the operating system and bet on Windows 10, which is a system considerably more closed and, since it is not the most popular, it’s not going to be a target so juicy for those with bad intentions.

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But by no means least is the only reason to bet on the operating system of the Redmond, although, it might be the most important. In the mind of HP was to make a smartphone aimed at business people rather than to a user, let’s say, normal. Basically they sought to construct first smartphone 3 in 1.

But in order to make this possible needed accessories, such as the lapdock (a laptop without a processor, RAM, etc, only the screen, keyboard and battery), or a desktop cradle that would make it possible to connect it to an external monitor to use it as a PC. And HP, apparently, didn’t conceive of this without using Windows 10 along a Continuum.

Warning to the hypothetical interested to get this pack, it is not precisely barator. That said, there might be hidden motives for which HP has not chosen to adopt Android as an operating system, perhaps some of those so unique and real, but it would have been ok to count the rows between the androids with a terminal able to offer these options.

what Has condemned HP to your Elite X3 when using Windows 10?

Hp Elite X3 Lapdock

Certainly more than one may say without thinking, yes thinking about what happened these years with Nokia, but the fact is that the case of the Finnish manufacturer is very different, so let’s leave this to one side.** When a manufacturer takes the decision of using one or the other operating system, it assumes the risks**, is the system that is.

In this case HP, to adopt Windows 10 Mobile, you risk not having enough impact as to who will compensate you to have put to the sale the Elite X3. In this particular case, answering the question, I think not, has not been sentenced to the terminal, because birth is not for everyone, but is focused on a very niche specific.

Many will say that Windows Phone is practically dead and has very few applications. In this last, in comparison with Google Play, it is true, but he that is dead is a mistake that is repeated quite a bit. Dying maybe, dead, not yet, and that is that despite having only a 0.6% market share in Spain, Windows is still there.

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Given that chance has wanted that has the Elite X3 in my hands, I have decided to take on the challenge of using it as mobile of the day-to-day for a month, and the fact is that while I notice that it’s missing some games (Angry Birds 2, for example) and the apps of Google, the most of the apps that I use daily exist for Windows Phone.

No, the HP Elite X3 was not born and died, but it is difficult to deny that they have lost the opportunity to reach a mainstream audiences. For the moment, the challenge of the month with the Elite X3 is still ahead, although I still prefer Android in almost everything. Now it is up to you review: what Would be more attractive to Elite X3 with Android?

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The HP Elite X3 using Windows 10 instead of Android “for security reasons”
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