The image of Google Maps that has been left without words… to Google

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  • Satellites and cars of Google Street View have seen it all after years of capturing images around the world. However, there has been a snapshot that has left “without words” to the own managers of Google, as has been recognized in a tweet.In particular, the image shared by the official account of Google Maps shows via a GIF, a map, doing zoom, you can see a man sitting beside the road, disguised as a with a horse head and eating a banana.This surreal picture was taken by a car of Google Street View June 2014 to the height of the number 1293 Liberty Dr, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada).

    Navigating Google Street View can be seen, moreover, that the man with the head of a horse is not the only characterized: after the gate that gives entrance to a house nearby can be seen other individual in the guise of a kind of animal with a monkey’s brown, hairy and with a tail.
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    The image of Google Maps that has been left without words… to Google
    November 16, 2019

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