The incognito mode begins to come to YouTube for Android

Youtube Incognito Android

Since the beginning of this year, we expect two important developments to the official application of YouTube for Android: your dark theme and its incognito mode. Well, it seems that we must not wait much more, at least for watching videos in a private way.

According to report several users, Google is already testing, or activated in a gradual manner, the incognito mode in YouTube for Android. It is unknown when this new feature will be available to all the world. Only a few users have already selected this new mode.

incognito Mode

Youtube Incognito

To view YouTube videos on the incognito mode for that our reproductions do not leave a trace in our history so we’ll just click on the image of our profile for access to our account. There will appear the option “Activate incognito”.

In the incognito mode for YouTube all of our subscriptions will be hidden until we get out of that mode. When you exit private browsing all of our activity will be deleted to leave no trace on the device. Yes, if we use a device managed by a company or school, if that can be visible to administrators.

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The incognito mode begins to come to YouTube for Android

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