‘The incredibles 2’ presents its new characters and the actors that provide their voices

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    The Incredible 2

    among all the pieces that has been created that factory of wonders animated that is Pixar —that are not few in number, precisely, can that the fantastic ‘The incredibles’ is my tape of choice. The work of Brad Bird in the incursion superheróica of the study, in addition impeccable in terms strictly film, oozed a special charm that became the official announcement of its rumored sequel in one of the greatest joys film buff that I’ve taken in the last few months.

    in order To preheat the premiere of ‘The incredibles 2’, the people of Pixar, taking advantage of the pull of the meme derived from Google Arts, has created a thread on their official Twitter account revealing the new additions to the cast of the film along with the aspect that will have their respective characters. A large group of performers who will join Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Samuel L. Jackson, Craig T. Nelson and Huck Milner, who repeated work lending his voice to the protagonists.

    The Amazing 2 2

    we Begin the list with an old acquaintance, the agent Rick Dicker, bent in the long-original by Bud Luckey, who will be replaced on this occasion by Jonathan Banks —Mike Ehrmantraut in the cathode ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better Call Saul’. The work of Rick will be to maintain the identity of the Súpers in secret, but the closure of their division will make things quite complicated.

    Continue with Voyd, a new Super-enthusiastic and obsessed with Elastigirl that will give voice Sophia Bush. Their abilities consist of manipulating the surrounding objects, changing position through the creation of voids able to make appear and disappear the matter and move it through space.

    For his part, Bob Odenkirk —’Better Call Saul’— will be Winston Deavor, a lovely big fish in the world of telecommunications with an obsession with superheroes, and that seeks to change the public opinion about them.

    Catherine Keener will play the sister of Winston, call Evelyn. A real brain’s privileged field of technology who is the true architect of the success of the company of the Deavor.

    To finish we have this character, known only as Ambassador, and you will be sharing vocal cords with Isabella Rossellini. She only knows that he is in favor of the return of the Súpers under the protection of the law.

    ‘The incredibles 2’ will land in the Spanish cinemas the next June 27.

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    ‘The incredibles 2’ presents its new characters and the actors that provide their voices
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    January 23, 2018

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