The iPhone X, without buttons and with facial recognition, it will cost $ 1,000


iPhone X

Apple introduced this Tuesday by the iPhone X, the new model of its famous smartphone, to expand the available space of your screen, the reduces to a minimum the frames, and suppresses the traditional home button. So what is revealed in a large public gathering, the ceo of Apple, Tim Cook, in the event that also serves to inaugurate officially the new premises of the company, Apple Park, in the californian city of Cupertino.

iPhone X is the name of the mobile with the Apple celebrated the ten years of the release of the iPhone, a key device in the social revolution and the technology of the smart phones. Cook said that the first model of iPhone was a revolution in the mobile technology and predicted that the iPhone X will pave the way in this field for “the next decade”.

The iPhone screen X covers almost the entire front surface of the mobile phone, which waives the traditional start button, one of the keys of the regular management of the interface of the iPhone, and deletes the frames that fell and reduced the touch-sensitive surface, and will also with OLED technology.

face Recognition as a strong point

Another of the great novelties of the iPhone X is the introduction of ID Face, a new form of access to the mobile phone based on facial recognition of the users and represents a significant evolution with respect to the touch method Touch ID. This facial recognition technology is also leveraged to the animoji, a customized version of the emoji that will be created from the gestures of the people recorded by the camera of the mobile. The iPhone X will also incorporate improvements in their performance and photographic in their battery, will last two hours more than the iPhone 7.

on the other hand, the iPhone X will be compatible with a system to charge your batteries without requiring boots with cables. The iPhone X, with a price of $ 999 (833 euros), will be able to take over from the 27th of October and will go on sale on 3 November.

A watch independent of the iPhone

Apple also presented its new range of smart watch, Apple Watch Series 3, as well as the evolution of your receiver to tv Apple TV, which will have 4K resolution and HDR technology. Apple Watch Series 3, will it count as a main novelty with telephone connectivity own without having to depend on an iPhone, so that you will be able to make and receive calls only with the clock.

Another significant breakthrough of this device will be the introduction of Apple Music, which will allow users to enjoy music in streaming (broadcast online) directly through their smart watch. Also, the leaders of the us-based firm highlighted the features of the Apple Watch Series 3 focused on a healthy lifestyle and exercise of the people.

Television in 4K

on the other hand, the technology giant introduced the new version of your receiver to tv Apple TV, which on this occasion will be compatible with images in 4K resolution, and with HDR technology. In this event, which takes place at the new Theatre, Steve Jobs, is expected to present the new models of the iPhone, the iconic smartphone from the american company that this year fulfills a decade.


The iPhone X, without buttons and with facial recognition, it will cost $ 1,000

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