The Japanese Prime Minister makes Nintendo an example

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  • It highlights how the company was converted to video game developer cards.
    Prime Minister of the government of Japan, Shinzo Abe, has indicated that Nintendo is an example for the Japanese to be a positive role model for economic boost for the country throughout its history and how the company reinvented itself since its inception.
    Initially made Hanafuda cards [a type of cards] but people who played Hanafuda was increasingly However, Nintendo does Hanafuda cards and other things., but I think just doing that could not protect hanafuda “says Abe
    order. political, Nintendo bet on video games was vital to the survival of the company “and at the same time, maintain the traditional Hanafuda cards. course think this is something we can learn “.
    Abe said that Japan should assume a similar growth strategy that Nintendo used in the 80s and that led her to become one of the largest companies in the video game industira.


    The Japanese Prime Minister makes Nintendo an example
    March 4, 2014

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