The Justice authorizes the blocking of eight web pages of content pirates

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    The Courts of the Contentious-Administrative have authorized the blocking of eight web pages content pirates associated to the domains, and judicial authorization has been carried out at the behest of the Second Section of the Intellectual Property Commission of the Ministry of Culture and Sport and following the applications submitted by the entities of copyright management Cedar, Agedi and Promusicae.The two web pages related with the book ( and gave access to more than 67 000 titles, as reported by the Ministry of Culture in a press release.To the general director of Cultural Industries of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, Adriana Moscoso del Prado, “this new lock authorized by the Justice is an important step in the fight against piracy on the internet that we develop from the Administration of the State, and contributes to the administrative practice of the Second Section of the Property Commission to continue its consolidation jurisprudencialmente”.The suspension and lock in connection with the domain names affected must be carried out within 72 hours since the providers of intermediation services (Internet service providers and internet access, search engines, etc) receive the notification of the appropriate orders of the court.The Commission’s anti-Piracy has acted so far against 479 pages, of which a 92,69 % removal of the infringing content once notified of the alleged infraction. In cases that are not removed voluntarily, the contents indicated by this Commission, web pages are lock object by order of the court.According to the Ministry of Culture, the Commission anti-Piracy has contributed to reduce “considerably” the audience of pages pirates, since according to the ranking Alexa from 2017 have disappeared 11 web pages that were among the 250 most visited in Spain, plus another hundred with a smaller number of visits.
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    The Justice authorizes the blocking of eight web pages of content pirates
    October 31, 2019

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