‘The Last Man on Earth’ continues its apocalyptic misadventures

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    Doing a series is sooooooo difficult. First we need to a good premise, then, that it has tour . That was the fear that some had with ‘The Last Man on Earth ‘. The idea could not be more fun: an apocalyptic virus that plagued humanity and a lonely man in that vast and empty world

    But the series lived up to expectations and played for all the tools. She is preparing to leave us a wild and frenzied first season. We were eager to meet again with Phil Miller and Co. (and not referring simply to the collection of balls that represent the most extreme tribute to ‘Cast Away’) in the second season that has just started.

    What about living

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    We started season with a new spirit, as we are already living the start of the series: Phil and Carol, big, traveling in a bomber and installed in the White House where we have some irreverent sight gags that can not fail to have fun: from the pool full of tequila in the Oval Office, the love scene of two presidential busts

    But then, this series created by Will Forte inspired us. back to reality and the unresolved conflict: Carol misses Tucson’s friends, a place that Phil does not want. Then, (how could suffer both a comedy series?) We live the tragedy of a unexpected separation between our players that have not been resolved.

    In fact, opens a new mystery. Phil returned to Tucson to find that the old neighborhood is completely destroyed. No sign of the living. Okay, okay, enough of the drama, you can make me laugh again. Do not? No. We got the gong to mark the end of the first chapter with an absolute desolation. So viewers are won by making them sick to know what will happen. Meanwhile, many wanted to see the two brothers interact Miller , in anticipation that the astronaut (and Terry worm) can return to Earth.

    In Go Tele ! | ‘The Last Man On Earth ‘, ¿pure genius or mere eccentricity?

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    ‘The Last Man on Earth’ continues its apocalyptic misadventures
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    September 30, 2015

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