The launcher of the Pixel 2 have a dark theme (or not) depending on the background of the screen

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almost two weeks Ago we knew the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL and, as tends to happen with almost all mobile most relevant of the year, are appearing more features that were not announced during the event in question. Of course, the case of the new phones from Google was not going to be an exception.

If you little knew what your imaging chip off until the arrival of Android 8.1, this time the thing goes more of software, specifically of your launcher. If something is expected of Google is that it give you the option to set a dark theme, and it seems that has made a case, but not in the way that is expected.


The dark theme is one of the things most requested by users of Android-pure, but until now have had to settle with launchers of any third party that mimicked their appearance and gain in customization. Google has decided that the Pixel 2 are a good start to give that dark theme, but depending on the background of the screen that the user may have included.

in Addition, this happens automatically, that is to say, that if the fund is predominantly clear, the issue will be clear, while if they are dark colors that dominate the screen background, the subject will become dark. Yes, this does not affect the software in the phone, but what that has to do with the launcher.


If you choose a screen background dark, the subject will change in the las folders in the app drawer and in the shade quick settings (the settings menu does not vary), as you can see in the screen shots that made it on Android Police. It is true that the rapid adjustments are not part of the launcher, but at least it gives a certain harmony to the aesthetics of the software.

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If the Pixel Launcher is updated in the Pixel of the first generation, it may also inherit this feature, although it would have been better to have that option regardless of the background screen, and that also affect the settings menu. is What do you think of the way Google has implemented the dark theme?

Via | Android Police
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The launcher of the Pixel 2 have a dark theme (or not) depending on the background of the screen
October 17, 2017