The legendary video game Konami ‘Against’ will have a movie and a television series

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    Just when we were beginning to forget what eternal is doing the wait until the arrival of the second season of the brilliant ‘Castlevania’ Adi Shankar to Netflix, a new license the company’s video games japanese Konami is going to abandon its interactive format to make the leap to film and television, this time two projects of real action.

    This saga consolera is none other than the legendary ‘Against’; the long-lived series run-and-guns whose first delivery was distributed in Europe as Gryzor in 1987, and has been extended through twelve games released on different platforms over the years. By the time Konami Digital Entertainment has not offered more data on these adaptations, but if he has left us a bare-bones teaser to whet your appetite.

    The plot of ‘Against’ —a third of which is ‘The Alien Wars’ is doing smoke from a few days ago my Super Nes Mini— conspicuous by their absence, focusing on two members of a guerrilla special called Bill Rizer and Lance Bean —with a similar more than suspect to Sylvester Stallone and Anold Schwarzenegger— who travel half a world armed to the teeth and fly around in the air while facing the evil organization Red Falcon.

    We are many that we grew up in front of a screen sewing dead aliens and mercenaries of all shapes and sizes controlling Lance and Bill, so that, in the name of our nostalgia, fingers crossed that all goes well in this tricky adventure that has decided to undertake Konami. As always, we will keep you informed on the developments emerging in this regard.

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    The news The mythical video game Konami ‘Against’ will have a movie and a television series was originally published in Espinof by Victor Lopez G. .


    The legendary video game Konami ‘Against’ will have a movie and a television series
    October 27, 2017

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