The main applications of messaging and accessories (I): Whatsapp, Blackberry Messenger Line and

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    I would like to take today’s article to make a sort of compilation of the main applications messaging that exist today and incidentally, all add-ons that have each. Not trying to decide which one is better, but to have them all in one place for everyone to compare and choose the one you like.


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    King . Was gradually gained prominence due to its high number of users. It has versions for Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian and Android for granted . You may like more or less, but the key is that you can go out and ask people if they have Whatsapp and many will answer yes. The application is more than correct, sharing messages, photos, videos, locations, contact information and more. It offers group conversations and automatically analyzes your address book to find out who has whatsapp and you add them without having to worry. Also, I love your emoticons!

    articles Google Play



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    With over 300 million users in 231 countries, LINE is definitely one of the main alternatives to Whatsapp. It’s free messaging application, cross-platform (iPhone, Android, WindowsPhone, Blackberry) and most interesting of all: has application for computer (Mac and Windows)! One of its main features are great stickers with which we adorn our messages. It also has completely free VOIP calls LINE between users and video-chat.

    LINE Item in EAL

    Application Google Play


    Blackberry Messenger

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    we have here already. After much praying done, we can finally enjoy this excellent messaging application on Android. Typical features: support for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, free SMS, sharing photos and videos, etc.. It also has a free call and video-chat. But the most interesting point is its BBM security. has a much more robust than its competitors cipher

    BBM in EAL

    Application Google Play


    In the next installment: WeChat, ChatOn, Spotbros, Hangouts and mcuh more …

    Do you have any recommendations? What is your favorite?

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    The main applications of messaging and accessories (I): Whatsapp, Blackberry Messenger Line and
    December 1, 2013

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