‘The Ministry of time’ is the best fiction of Awards Iris 2017 dominated by Antena 3

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  • Dtm Awards Iris

    With the purpose of becoming, once and for all, in the awards relating to television in Spain, not in vain are organized by the Academy of Television, this evening have been delivered at Kinepolis Ciudad de la imagen Madrid Awards Iris, that highlight the best of television production in Spanish in the season 2016/2017.

    we Already knew some of the prizes, honorary as the a lifetime to Xavier Sardá and also the distinction Productions Bamboo on the Prize Iris of the criticism. But tonight we have seen how new ‘The Ministry of Time’ renews as the Best fiction of the Prizes Iris. It is not the only Iris that takes the series, as Hugo Silva has won the Best actor. On the female side, the award jury has awarded to Blanca Portillo for her role in ‘I Know who you are‘.

    in general, if we were to determine a winning chain, that would be Antenna 3. The channel of Atresmedia has achieved five awards: Best script for ‘The house of paper‘; best news presenter Matías Prats; address for Pablo Motos, Jorge Salvador on ‘The Anthill’; performance by the final live performance of ‘Velvet’ and the Best program for ‘Your face sounds’.

    Awards Iris 2017: List of winners

    Prize Iris Ant

    Best actor

    • Francesc Garrido for ‘I Know who you are’ (Telecinco)
    • Hugo Silva by ‘The Ministry of Time’ (The 1 TVE)
    • Josep Maria Pou for ‘Nit i dia’ (TV3)
    • Nancho Novo by ‘Love is forever’ (Antena 3 TV)
    • Pedro Casablanc ‘Sea of plastic’ (Antena 3 TV)

    Best actress

    • Blanca Portillo, ‘I Know who you are’ (Telecinco)
    • Blanca Suárez by ‘hiding their eyes’ (Telecinco)
    • Cayetana Guillén Cuervo by ‘The Ministry of Time’ (The 1 TVE)
    • Leonor Watling by ‘Beats’ (Antena 3 TV)
    • María León for ‘Down There’ (Antena 3 TV)
    • Marta Etura in ‘The sonata of the silence’ (The 1 TVE)

    Best direction

    • David Beriain for ‘Underground: the cartel of Sinaloa’ (DMax)
    • Josep Thomas and Oscar Vega ‘Survivors, Lost in Honduras’ (Telecinco)
    • Juan Serrano for ‘In the spotlight’ (Four)
    • Laura Caballero, Alberto Caballero and Miguel Albaladejo by ‘The coming’ (Telecinco)
    • Pablo Motos, Jorge Salvador ‘El Hormiguero 3.0’ (Antena 3 TV)
    • Rodrigo Blazquez ‘laSexta Column’ (laSexta)

    Best fiction

    • ‘down There’ (Antena 3 TV)
    • ‘The Ministry of Time’ (The 1 TVE)
    • ‘The father of Cain’ (Telecinco)
    • ‘Nit i dia’ (TV3)
    • ‘I Know who you are’ (Telecinco)
    • ‘Velvet’ (Antena 3 TV)

    Best screenplay

    • Alberto Caballero, Daniel Deorador, Araceli Álvarez de Sotomayor, and Laura Knight for ‘The coming’ (Telecinco)
    • Alex Pina, Esther Martínez Lobato, David Barrocal, Paul Roa, Esther Morales, Fernando Sancristóbal and Javier Gómez Santander as The ‘house paper’ (Antena 3 TV)
    • Vicente Sánchez, Miguel Esteban, Jorge Ponce, Thomas Fuentes, Jose Molins, Denny Horror, Fernando Morano, David Broncano and Ricardo Castella ‘LocoMundo’ (#0)
    • Lluís Arcarazo, Jordi Galcerán, Oriol Paulo and Jordi Vallejo for ‘Nit i dia’ (TV3)
    • Marta Sanchez and Olatz Arroyo (Coordinators), Fran Arnal, Esther Morales, Mountain Marchena, Remedios Crespo, Sergio Vicente and Natxo López by ‘Down There’ (Antena 3 TV)

    Best of newsletter

    • Antena 3 News Weekend (Antena 3 TV)
    • laSexta Column (laSexta)
    • TD1 (The 1 TVE)

    Best presenter news

    • Antonio García Ferreras for ‘Al rojo vivo’ (laSexta)
    • Helena Resano by ‘laSexta Noticias 1’ (laSexta)
    • Matías Prats ‘News Weekend’ (Antena 3 TV)
    • Monica Lopez for ‘The Time’ (The 1 TVE)
    • Pilar Garcia Muniz for ‘TD1’ (The 1 TVE)

    Best presenter of programs

    • Christian Gálvez ‘Pasapalabra’ (Telecinco)
    • Cristina Pardo for ‘Bad company’ (laSexta)
    • Elena S. Sánchez for ‘History of our cinema’ (La 2, TVE)
    • Jacob Petrus ‘Here the earth’ (The 1 TVE)
    • Jesus Calleja for ‘Planet Calleja’ (Four)
    • Lara Alvarez ‘Survivors, Lost in Honduras’ (Telecinco)
    • Manel Sources for ‘Your face sounds’ (Antena 3 TV)


    • Embodies Pardo and Ana Muntaner by ‘Top Chef’ (Antena 3 TV)
    • Team of ‘Spain divided: the Civil War in color’ (DMax)
    • Carlos Cruz and Amalia Sánchez Mota for ‘Operation: And the they shall Walk’ (The 1 TVE)
    • Héctor Gutiérrez and Federica Meroni Cravero by ‘Survivors, lost in Honduras’ (Telecinco)
    • Jesus Calleja and Maria Ruiz for ‘Planet Calleja’ (Four)

    Best program

    • ‘First Dates’ (Four)
    • ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ (The 1 TVE)
    • ‘OT: reunion’ (The 1 TVE)
    • ‘Survivors, Lost in Honduras’ (Telecinco)
    • ‘Your face sounds’ (Antena 3 TV)

    the Best program produced in Spain for a thematic channel

    • ‘Spain divided: The Civil War in color’ (DMax)
    • the’Fit Life’ (FOX Life)
    • ‘Homozapping’ (NEOX)
    • ‘Death in Lion’ (Movistar Premieres, Movistar Xtra and Movistar series Xtra)
    • the’Universe Valdano’ (beIN SPORTS)

    Best performance

    • David Arrow, and David Pinillos ‘Velvet: the final live’ (Antena 3 TV)
    • Ivan Prado for ‘Survivors, Lost in Honduras’ (Telecinco)
    • Javier Ruiz by ‘The Bridge’ (#0)
    • Juan Carlos Carrasco and Luis Cachon by ‘MasterChef’ (The 1 TVE)
    • María Zarazúa by ‘Zapeando’ (laSexta)

    Awards Iris Autonomic

    • Best Program to Regional: ‘Land Rober Tunai Show” (TV Galicia)
    • Best Presenter Autonomic: Ramon Garcia for ‘In Company’ (MBC TV)

    Other awards

    • Whole life: Xavier Sarda
    • Iris of the critical: Bamboo Productions
    • Iris of the jury: Born in Syria of Hernán Zin (Movistar +, Canal Sur), Spain in a day (The 2 of TVE), Coverage of World Pride Madrid (Telemadrid), Javier Salmon, Astral (laSexta) and Masterchef Celebrity (The 1 TVE).

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    ‘The Ministry of time’ is the best fiction of Awards Iris 2017 dominated by Antena 3
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    October 25, 2017

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