The most technologically advanced of Gear S2 is not

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    The most technologically advanced the Gear S2 is not

    The new S2 only Gear able to create thanks to a new breakthrough in batteries.

    The new SmartWatch Samsung Electronics presented at the IFA and although the company did not emphasize this, the primary responsibility for its development as it has reached the market is the new tecnología SDI battery.

    It would not have been possible to do such a small clock with a battery capable of providing autonomy for two or three days as Samsung says. The Gear S2 is 0.8 “smaller than its predecessor, which is far less battery size for such small steps. It was expected, at most, 200mAh battery, but the Gear S2 has a 250mAh battery. Battery big “free-form”

    , for there is little space, made possible by the new technology batteries SDI . Are batteries, unlike the others, they can take slightly curved and not only rectangular shapes. This technology Samsung SDI began develop by the end of 2014, to be completed its first implementation in April this year. It began producing in August to be released by the Gear S2. If he had used a traditional rectangular battery would have been impossible to overcome the barrier of 200mAh, compromising the autonomy of the device. is a 25% increase compared to the best conventional batteries .


    The weareables are entering the market quickly, with estimated growth of 40% year on year, mainly bracelets and smartwatches cuentificadores. The design is adapting to an increasingly sophisticated look that combines the virtues of traditional watches with advances in IoT.


    The most technologically advanced of Gear S2 is not
    September 9, 2015

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