The multiplayer of Stardew Valley will arrive very soon to Switch

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    Eric Barone, the creator, happens to be the editor of almost all versions.

    Stardew Valley consoles you will receive very soon your update multiplayer. Chucklefish will be in charge of posting the update on Nintendo Switch and mobile, but the game’s creator, Eric Barone -known as ConcernedApe – happens to be the editor of the title.


    “When I launched Stardew Valley I was a complete rookie in the game industry. Chucklefish, as my editor, he oversaw the distribution, adaptations to consoles and gaming transactions. Prepared the wiki official and helped me redesign the web, with great results. And, of course, Tom Coxon did a work of awesome by adding the network code to the game, making the multiplayer a reality,” explains Barone.

    “I am Now at the time I’m ready to move forward alone. I Think that self-publishing is the ultimate goal of almost all independent developers“, she explains.

    Chucklefish has expressed the “pride of being part of the history of Stardew Valley and we wish to ConcernedApe success in your new adventure to autopublicarse”.

    The multiplayer will come very soon

    The multiplayer version for the Switch is already in the process of revision, and pending be approved for publication, so it is very possible to be available very soon for all players.

    Barone will become the editor of the other versions as of December 14, so we can expect news on the multiplayer on the other consoles since then.

    multiplayer Stardew Valley will arrive very soon to Switch

    The multiplayer of Stardew Valley will arrive very soon to Switch
    December 1, 2018

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