The ‘Mute’ button, a stimulating companion for ‘Moon’, which shines when you bet so emotional

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    Poster Mute Netflix

    2018 should be a watershed year for to know if Netflix you get to take a step forward in its commitment to the seventh art, or if you are still staying on as a secondary option, because many regard with suspicion most of his films. Historical movements such as the ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ to make it clear that the company is not resigned, but there has already been a few titles that have gone very unnoticed.

    I Doubt that’s going to happen with ‘Mute’the new work behind the scenes of Duncan Jones that he himself has it listed as a the second installment of a trilogy initiated by the remarkable ‘Moon’ and besides has dedicated David Bowie, his father. Too many stimuli for cinephiles oriented would relinquish its existence and in addition I bring you good news, because an inspiring story of science-fiction that shines more when you bet so emotional.

    The connection with ‘Moon’ and his own voice


    Before anything I would like to point out that the connection with ‘Moon’ it is clear and that anyone who watches film and is a little attentive you will see how to bind both movies. Yes, there is something essential in the plot, but a way to make it clear to the viewer that both stories are part of the same universe, and without resorting to the trick of parallel realities or anything like that. Clarified this, let’s go back to the ‘Mute’button.

    The history of the ‘Mute’ button rotates around the huge desire of two characters, the first of them to find his girlfriend missing and the second a doctor of reputation questionable that is willing to abandon Berlin. Both plot lines take a good bit in connect with each other and their relationships become narrower as they move on the minute until you get to a third act in which Jones achieves the scenes that work best.

    Image Mute Netflix

    up Until that point had been alternating this emotional component with the display of a Berlin futuristic that in the first instance can make you think in see ‘Mute’ as a sort of ‘Blade Runner’, but what is true is that Jones is not matter as much the grandeur of the designs, such as the fact that investigate in that intersection between opulence in the eyes and moral decadence during the trip both to get what they want.

    The respect it should be noted that it works better for the contribution of Alexander Skarsgard and Paul Rudd for the majority of characters that intersect. With the first you create a very good basis for that Leo is obsessed with locating Naadirah -convincing Seyneb Saleh-, while the second is played to show you first a way to reveal after your true nature.

    strengths and weaknesses of the ‘Mute’button

    Paul Rudd

    The funny thing is that it is Rudd who is best accompanied, so much for that companion of his, played by a transformed and inspired Justin Theroux with which it forms a twisted version of two characters played by Elliot Gould and Donald Sutherland in ‘MASH’something that is acknowledged by the director himself– for showing his side more protectionist when you are with your daughter. That human side sways her growing darkness, until out of mother, noticing that the actor enjoys what cute then.

    What there is is certain ups and downs by the way, as the investigation led by a charismatic Skarsgard is true that progresses in a logical way -though there is a detail that it is hard to believe his thing that evening to both remember – and that it goes to showing the effectiveness of progressive despair, but is that this leads him to interact with other characters that simply do not work as well. I think for example in the Dominic Monaghan, but it is not the only one.

    Justin Theroux Netflix Mute

    that is where it is perceived that this balance between the humanity of one and the apparent emptiness of other does not end of being well balanced, of whatsoever kind, resulting even occasionally ridiculous. It is not something you pull out of the ‘Mute’ button, but yes it is decisive to not be able to achieve the same level of ‘Moon’. It is also true that intimacy here is diluted by the needs of the story, but is that just when you bet for it is when it shines.

    on the other hand, visually it looks very good without the need of focusing too much on it instead of neglecting the story and there are a few scenes excellent, especially in its final stretch. To that you add the good work of his trio protagonist, and you tend to spend more overlooked certain weaknesses, such as its excess footage and above this is due to the fact that there are other scenes that are a bit in no-man’s land.

    In short, ‘Mute’ is a film that is recommended that is truth that does not reach the level of ‘Moon’, but despite this, it has enough virtues, as to their viewing worth. Good performances, a stimulating work atmosphere and a remarkable last act to compensate for the stretch intermediate stretch out more account without any real need to do so.

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    The ‘Mute’ button, a stimulating companion for ‘Moon’, which shines when you bet so emotional
    February 23, 2018

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