The new Creative Assembly would be a ‘hero shooter’ with microtransactions

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    The creators of Alien: Isolation working on his biggest project cross-platform and could draw on Overwatch.

    Little is known about the new project of Creative Assembly, the creators of Alien: Isolation, except that work in a game of action in first person with a theme of science fiction. A new job offer tunes a little more his new project.

    This game scafeteria a hero shooter, a shooting game with characters of different abilities, and microtransactions to customize these heroes. The designer of heroes you must be sure that “the heroes match the creative vision and world, offering compelling gameplay”. The characters will have a range of skills and “specializations provocative”, which can be powers-style Overwatch, gadgets, type Rainbow Six Siege or something similar.

    The person responsible must provide guidance in visual design and cosmetics, and will be assessed to understand the monetization, rewards, and art production. This points directly to awards and purchases within the game to edit the look of the characters.

    almost two years Ago Creative Assembly mentioned that it was his “greatest project multiplaforma” in the history of the study, and could have elements of stealth and simulation.

    What's new with Creative Assembly would be a 'hero shooter' with micro-transactions

    The new Creative Assembly would be a ‘hero shooter’ with microtransactions
    July 10, 2019

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