The new Star Wars: Battlefront will have story mode

This is confirmed by the producer. Motivate Studios collaborates with SAYS for its creation.

The future Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (not to be confused with the game, the more old, but -for now – of the same title, whose servers were closed in 2014) will feature a story mode, one of the shortcomings that have been criticized fans with the return of the saga of the hand of Electronic Arts that took place in 2015.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is expected for 2017, and on this occasion it SAYS you are working in creating a single-player mode that allows users to enjoy a solo campaign that is add up to the critically acclaimed multiplayer mode of the series.

Paul Keslin, producer of the game SAYS, has explained in a statement granted to the the average british Eurogamer, that “I myself, as a fan of Star Wars, I want a story, I want narrative, I want something I can play that I immerse in a world and give me something to chase”.

This single-player mode is being developed in collaboration with Encourage Studio (the study who runs Jade Raymond) and, in fact, the study had already indicated in the past that I could be working on that line, but it has not been until now that has been confirmed officially that there will be a single-player campaign on the part of one of the principals in the title.

Keslin has explained that they are working on the points of connection between the campaign and the online multiplayer to make the experience complete. “We are working with people to Motivate Studios“, confirms Keslin, “with whom we have a close relationship, and we want you all to form a consistent experience”. To the producer it is very important that the two gaming experiences are equally good.

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The new Star Wars: Battlefront will have story mode
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