The Nike Air Mag will arrive in 2016

The Nike Air Mag will arrive in 2016

Nike becomes what to do, this time on the correct date. But again, through auction.

The shoes of the film that marked a generation, Back to The Future II , are in perpetual yearning for fans and film enthusiasts “sneakers”. And today is the perfect day to fulfill dreams. October 21, 2015, the date at which McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, traveled to save his future children.

Nike has sent a letter to the actor to be the first to have a Nike Air Mag, her slippers with robocordones. Besides its exclusive couple, Nike will manufacture more than several pairs will be sold in 2016 and whose proceeds will go to the foundation created by Michael J. Fox that helps Parkinson’s disease research.

In 2011, the Nike Air Mag appeared through auctions on eBay and Nike managed to raise $ 4.7 million to be donated to charities. This date is the most anticipated of the decade and the lucky will finally fulfill the dreams of his childhood event ‘sneakers’.


The Nike Air Mag will arrive in 2016

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