‘The perfect date’: a pleasant romantic comedy from Netflix, perfect for the lovers of this genre

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    'The perfect date': a pleasant romantic comedy from Netflix, perfect for the lovers of this genre

    The romantic comedy already do not care much about the executives of Hollywood. There was a time in the not to spent too many weeks between the premiere and the other a commercial support enough to conquer the lovers of this subgenre. Now lives of exceptional hits such as the ‘Crazy Rich Asian’, a tape that is still without a release date in Spain, despite having raised nearly 175 million dollars in the united States.

    Netflix yes that is supporting less committed to the romantic comedy, and for now it is giving result. The last to arrive on the platform has been ‘The perfect date’, which has the main claim of Noah Centineo, one of the protagonists of ‘To all the boys that I fell in love’, one of the big bombings of the platform in 2018. Like that we are in front of a proposal nice especially recommended for those who have a weakness for this subgenus.

    Pulling manual

    Image Perfect date

    ‘The perfect date’ could not be more predictable. At all times know the way it’s going to take the script signed by Steve Bloom and Randall Green, but is that also are aware of how they are going to raise it and what is the place of arrival. Not here arises to disassemble the subgenus as yes was going to do supposedly the recent ‘¿it is Not romantic?’, but to celebrate it using the usual ingredients in a way that is fresh and interesting.

    How do you get a story a thousand times told connect with a spectator who wants to hang out but not to accept anything?

    The first key are all the characters. If you fall well, it’s easier to let yourself be carried away. There is the first virtue of ‘The perfect date’, since it achieves that the two protagonists are not mere stereotypes -the thing is not so stimulating in regards to the side – and there he starts to fuck energy to the film.

    The chemistry of Centineo and Marano

    The Perfect date

    The next step ahead of ‘The perfect date’ I have with the undeniable chemical share Centineo and Laura Marano. Both had already met in the television ‘Austin and Ally’, where the first participated between episodes and the second was one of the two big stars of the function, but that doesn’t change the fact that the casting director of the film to give the target chosen for the ribbon that we are dealing with.

    make No mistake, the particularity of the starting point -Centineo create an app to lend his services as a appointment to the tastes of the user- soon to be diluted -although it is quite sympathetic about how the protagonist is going to shape your personality in function of the client – and it all goes toward what we already know: the two have to end up together. The viewer is aware of it long before the characters themselves.

    There ‘The perfect date’ does not deviate from the established plan. If it has worked so many times, there is no reason to think that it will not do so here. A little pill of humor-always harmless – aid, but what matters is the confidence exuded by both actors in their characters. What there is a lot of manual in the development of the same? Without a doubt, those that want to trash the movie based on it going to be very simple.

    ‘The perfect date’ it gives what it promises

    The Perfect date Actors

    however, ‘The perfect date’ is a film with a target audience very clear and appeals to the comfort level of argument to which are the actors that manage to highlight something -not much, we might get excited about – a multitude of similar proposals. Maybe it’s that lately you do not make many and it also help to get them better, I have no problems in confessing that I never had anything against the romantic comedies of court more commercial.

    play a role as those titles that you go with all the excess visual effects. is What is important is that there is something, little as it may be, that keep him away from the mediocrity and ‘The perfect date’ what we have. Little merit there is to the work of the direction of Chris Nelson, but concedamosle not be static visually, and that provides enough for Centineo and Marano do what they know best.

    In short, ‘The perfect date’ is a romantic comedy of a manual, but quite efficient as such. Its two protagonists, and the chemistry between the two is what makes its viewing somewhat more than a way to kill time when you’re lying on the couch not wanting to do anything else. the Predictable, yes, but also entertaining.

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    ‘The perfect date’: a pleasant romantic comedy from Netflix, perfect for the lovers of this genre
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    April 19, 2019

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