The performance of Battlefield V drops sharply with the Ray Tracing

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  • It is the technology that incorporates the new NVIDIA cards RTX.

    Battlefield V will go on sale the 20th of November on consoles and PC, the latter being the platform that most technical developments will show thanks to the support of the title SAYS with the technology of ray-tracing in real-time or ray tracing NVIDIA, a new graphic element is intended to improve substantially the lighting, the shadows and reflections in video games. However, it seems that this technology makes the game performance is poor, or the more powerful graphics can move it with ease.

    An aesthetic achievement that is not within the reach of all

    What is ray tracing? In Vandal I already explained what would bring this new technology, which simulates the physical behavior of light, calculating the pixel color when tracing the route that would take the light if you were to travel from the eye of the viewer through the scene, 3D virtual. Although we have already seen comparisons that demonstrate that on PC the game looks very good even compared to a Xbox One X, what is certain is that the title when you activate this revolutionary lighting technique, can not at all with it. According to the first test of TPU, the cost in performance is too expensive, which have this activated technology causes the rate of frames per second in the game, with a graphical NVIDIA RTX-2080 Ti, be able to plummet.


    With ray tracing enabled and the graphical face of the market, the game is barely able to surpass 60 frames

    With the ray tracing on, and settings of graphic media, ultra and high, the game is barely able to overcome the 60 fps, something that greatly improves with a low quality, (88 fps) or the ray tracing off, with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 It is able to handle the game to almost 159 fps. However, and despite the alarming of these early data, ” he SAYS and EA have stated that they will continue to adjusting graphics, and the performance of the videogame to give with a balance of face to the future.

    More Battlefield V Vandal

    Battlefield V is a great FPS that has managed to maintain and evolve very aptly its essence playable, enjoying, thanks to the new historical context, greater dynamism and action during the games. The absence of boxes of rewards and micro-payment that can affect the progression has been a success, enjoying with balanced progress and the game experience more satisfying than the last years”, you have our analysis here.

    The performance of Battlefield V drops sharply with the Ray Tracing

    The performance of Battlefield V drops sharply with the Ray Tracing
    November 14, 2018

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