The problem of bloatware: The Samsung Galaxy S4 and space disappeared

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    One of the consequences of what is Android’s open manufacturers and operators can change the user experience to some extent, thus reinforcing the image treasured brand that attract customers. It’s one of the reasons why, for example, Samsung never mentions the word “Android” in his lectures and announcements. The idea is that although all systems are “Android”, users each manufacturer and each operator “enjoy” exclusive applications and features . In an ideal world, competition between brands would make these apps would improve with each new iteration, and that they became compelling reasons when choosing the device.

    It just does not live in a ideal world. Rather, we live in a world in which these apps are so bad they are called bloatware , ie, software that only serves to take place and that you’ll never use. The problem is so great that even one might wonder if these companies do not engage in misleading advertising .


    For example, take the case of the Samsung Galaxy S4 , which 16GB version contains almost half of the space available . The 45% of the space is used by a variety of apps and “crap”, both Samsung itself as the operator in question. Technically, when they announce that the device has 16 GB are not telling no lie: that is, in effect, the amount of included storage memory. The problem is that the user will never have that space , unless you make root the device and delete all you can, a practice that the average user should not know to take advantage of your purchase. At least the latest versions of Android allow that bloatware off , but not recover free space.

    We are not facing a technical problem, as with the computer hard drives, which never contain space establishing free the label. No, the only reason we will not have 16 GB available is because Samsung and the carriers have decided that their apps are more important than our space . It is time that some users association to echo this practice and force companies to be honest when advertising their devices.

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    The problem of bloatware: The Samsung Galaxy S4 and space disappeared
    April 29, 2013

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