The Samsung TouchWiz interface can be customized with themes

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    Capture themes samsung Samsung's TouchWiz interface can be customized with themes layer customization Samsung TouchWiz has been widely criticized. Besides adding excessive weight to the software, its style is not to be entirely convincing, but the millions of customers of the company and seem to be familiar with the features offered by this layer of customization.

    Well while some companies have begun to adapt its graphical style pure Android interface, the people of Samsung seems way off in another direction. Instead, the South Korean company is preparing a choice of topics for TouchWiz, which basically change the UI of the device with one touch.

    The ability to apply themes is not it something new in Android. Currently the Sony Xperia devices have their own catalog of topics, while alternative launchers like Go Launcher and Nova have a much larger catalog.

    For now been leaked two of the topics that will be available in the next version of TouchWiz, one retains the classic style interface of the Galaxy equipment, while the other is inspired by nature.

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    The Samsung TouchWiz interface can be customized with themes
    November 28, 2014

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