The stars of ‘Serenity’ blame the distributor of the biggest failure at the box office of their careers

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    The stars of 'Serenity' blame the distributor of the biggest failure at the box office of their careers

    rejoin Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway (five years after ‘Interstellar’) in a thriller at the orders of Steven Knight (‘Locke’) it seemed like a great idea, a sure success. However, there has occurred the opposite. ‘Serenity’ premiered at the end of last week in the U.S. with a collection of single 4.4 million of dollars, occupying the 8th position in the box office.

    Is the worst data in the race of the two stars, considering only the big premieres at the national level (not releases limited). It was screened in more than 2,500 rooms, with an average of 1.724$ . It is possible that thanks to the international market and the domestic to be able to recover the investment, which was not very high (25M$ ); the bad news is that the comments about the film are being negative and the actors are “furious”.

    According to DeadlineMatthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway blame Aviron Pictures of the failure, accusing it a poor work of marketing to promote the premiere of ‘Serenity’. Apparently, the performers agreed to a campaign that included the classic “junket” of the press and interviews on television media, based on the commitment of Aviron releasing in 2,500 screens and a budget that’s proportional in advertising.

    however, that was not what happened after. The president of Aviron, David Dinerstein, thought that the public appearances of its stars would be enough as the hook and just threw a handful of spots in small markets and times of the little audience. Deadline says McConaughey came to grips with the steering asking for a launch in streaming if you were not going to perform the agreed economic effort in to promote the premiere in cinemas.

    Aviron responds that they could not spend more

    And Aviron has been advocated. The company claims that they took the decision not to invest more in advertising to see that the movie was not liking. It is interesting because when you spend less to avoid losses, not to believe too much in the potential of the product, the results may be ultimately worse than if they had tried to sell it well despite everything. Their statements:

    “we Had the best intentions for Serenity. We were excited by the opportunity to release this film exceptionally original, and work with a cast so stellar and filmmakers talented. As much as we love this film and still have hope in you to find your audience, we did tests and more tests (with the public and critics alike), and sadly, the evidence showed that the film was not going to be able to meet with our initial expectations, so we adjusted the budget and the marketing tactics according to that.

    […] Spend more would have been irresponsible for our financial partners and would not have been prudent for a distributor-independent. We feel a huge respect and admiration for the talent and all the hard work you have put into the film, and we would ask that the box office would be better.”

    Deadline notes that in the decision of Aviron was greatly influenced by his recent stumbling block with the premiere of ‘A Private War’, a drama led by Rosamund Pike who regarded ideal for the awards season but the effort was not reflected in figures. In addition to the fiasco commercial, ‘Serenity’ has a 23% in RottenTomatoes, a 38/100 on Metacritic a 5 IMDb, and a D+ in CinemaScore, which makes clear the instatisfacción general of the people he has seen, whether for business or for pleasure. The film has no confirmed date for Spain and I doubt that it reaches the movie theaters.

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    The news The stars of ‘Serenity’ blame the distributor of the biggest failure at the box office of their careers was originally published in Espinof by Juan Luis Caviaro .


    The stars of ‘Serenity’ blame the distributor of the biggest failure at the box office of their careers
    February 1, 2019

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