‘The story has to be the backbone of the game,’ says Dan Abbnet

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    The author and scriptwriter of video games, brings his vision of the middle.

    Dan Abbnet is a successful writer from new york, who also has been involved in comics such as the Guardians of the Galaxy that inspired the later film, as well as novels within the universe of Warhammer. In turn, it has also participated in several video games such as Alien: Isolation or Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

    “It’s about producing ideas strong, communicate well, and oversee the structure and the rhythm”

    GameIndustry have spoken with Abbnet about your point of view at the time of writing the script of a video game. Your idea is clear. “The history should be the backbone of a game“.

    Thanks to a career dedicated to three different areas (the novel, the comic and the video game), Abbet can combine the knowledge to explore technical communication and development of the story.

    however, in the end it all leads to the same thing. “this Is to produce ideas strong, communicate well, and monitor the structure and rhythm“, she explains. In this regard, also proposed by the developers “hire writers” that they were out of the middle of the game.

    In this sense, Abnett added that he would like to see new writers emerging within the video game industry, offering his advice. In turn, indicated that, in addition to reading and writing in order to constantly improve your skills, it would be appropriate to handle knowledge about the game and the mechanics within them.

    To read the interview, in its entirety we invite you to visit the following link.

    'history has to be the backbone of the game', points to Dan Abbnet

    'history has to be the backbone of the game,' says Dan Abbnet

    ‘The story has to be the backbone of the game,’ says Dan Abbnet
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    July 6, 2017

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